`` Pornpo who loves movies '' depicting characters who are too hot for movies pouring passion into the movie and dying will be released in 2020 as theater animation

When released on pixiv, it was announced that theatrical animation of the topical web manga ' Movie I Love Pompo ' that quickly gained popularity was released in 2020. The director is Takayuki Hirao of 'Theatrical Version' Sky Boundary 'Chapter 5 Contradiction Spiral', 'Witches Sisters Yoyo and Nene' and 'GOD EATER'.

Movie `` Pompo who loves movies '' official website


The first key visual announced is a picture of Mr. Pompo sitting on the chair of the producer and Jean standing behind it. Pompo has the same composition as the cover of the first volume of the book.

The cover of one volume looks like this.

To celebrate the announcement of the theatrical animation, a signed autograph with commentary was also released.

First of all, the original author,

Shogo Sugitani [Human Plamo] .

This is director

Takayuki Hirao . `` Theatrical Version 'Sky Boundary' Chapter 5 Contradiction Spiral '' released in 2008, short movie `` Temperature of Sakura '' released in 2011 (also original), OVA `` Gyo '' released in 2012, `` Witch Tsu '' released in 2013 She has been a director of this sister's Yoyo and Nene (acoustic director) and the 2015 broadcast TV anime 'GOD EATER'.

The character design is Shingo Adachi . Known for such works as the 'WORKING !!' series, the 'Sword Art Online' series, 'Galilei Donna', and 'Mirai Daiba' (* live anime).

CLAP is in charge of animation production. In addition, we are also working on animation commercials at the time of release of the book, and somehow it seems that 'It looks like this'.

'Movie Love Pompo' Volume 2 Released Animation Video TV CM [MFC Genepixive Series]-YouTube

The original is a two-volume book. The first episode to the sixth episode can be read for free with pixiv comics.

Pompo who loves movies-pixiv comics

◆ 'Pornpo who loves movies' work information
Director: Takayuki Hirao
Character design: Shingo Adachi
Animation production: CLAP
Production: Pompo-san who loves movies
© 2020 杉谷庄吾【人間プラモ】/KADOKAWA/映画大好きポンポさん製作委員会

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