TV animation "Raiku Touken Ranbu" broadcasted in July 2017, PV 2nd release

Popular game "Touken Ranbu - ONLINE -As an animated work of the year, October - December 2016 broadcast "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -"The official website of the second bullet" Livelihood Sword Ranbu "was renewed and it became clear that it will be broadcasted from July 2017.

TV anime "Momentum Touken Ranbu" Official Site

It was AnimeJapan 2016 that "Touken Ranbu - ONLINE -" was announced to be animated. At that time, it was only revealed that one work is a movie workshop production with the title of "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -", and the other work is ufotable production under the tentative title of "Touken Ranbu".

Information that became clear today is the official title "Momentum swords Ranbu"And the main staff, broadcasting start time called July 2017, and PV second. In this PV, Masaru Izumi, Yoshiyuki Mutsuke, Kunihiro Horikawa, three swords of swordsmen appear.

TV animation "Raiku Touken Ranbu 2nd PV" | Broadcast July 2017 - YouTube

Toshiyuki Shirai, who is in charge of the director, is in charge of directing the fifth episode and the final story at "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" besides "Fate / Zero Cafe" animation director.

People who are making "Fate / stay night" such people, staff talk event · first part - GIGAZINE

"Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" At the time of broadcasting, I also participated in the talk at the real time viewing party held at ufotable cafe.

"Fate / stay night [UBW]" 2nd real time viewing session report - "GROAZINE

He was a man with a good arm as an animator, and at the time of the 3rd real time viewing party, he drew down the illustration of "blonde hair servant" on the spot.

"Fate / stay night [UBW]" The 3rd real time viewing party "Flower's servant" Fan enthusiasm for drawing illustrations - GIGAZINE

Music is known as "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" and "Street fighter V"Hideyuki FukasawaMr.

Since AnimeJapan 2017 may also have some events and announcements, fans will continue to look forward to it.

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