"Livelihood Sword Ranbu" Mr. Ken Miyama, Mr. Yoshiyuki Mutsuo participates in "Public Prayer Ceremony" with Staff and Affiliates

Matthiasvi vol.18 Eve before the eveningIn "Amusement Event" was announced as "Public exorcism"is. While praying for a hit of the work, there are cases where staff, work related persons, cast and others go to the shrine and perform a prayer formula, but general people can participate in this exorcism (prayer expression) at Machi ★ Asobi It was.

TV anime "Momentum Touken Ranbu" Official Site

At the Binji Bridge Nishikkoen Stage, Aniplex, Toshiyuki Kanazawa, Mr. Yoshiyuki Mutsuke and Ken Miyama, ufotable producer Kondo who is in charge of animation production is on stage. Talk was held while watching the scene cut of the first publicly released PV.

In ufotable this time, in order to make up the action part of this "licking sword swagger"Three of Mr. Suzuya Funai, Mr. Akimi Kimura, Masayuki Kunihiro as "roles animator" job titleI am attaching to it. These three are animators that are good at moving even in ufotable, they are bought their skills and are in charge of sword fighting, which is a highlight. According to AnimeJapan 2017, video introduction of sword fighting on YouTube was also released.

"Rhythmic Touch Ranbu" sword fighting action introduction video - YouTube

It seems that swords and swords for reference are grueling around the drawing group of ufotable now because we have to paint the action, but this time from that, we will use reference items of guns used by Michio Muroi, A big dish has bought me. Mr. Hamama who is soooo cute and soooo delightful.

And commemorative photography on the stage.

This picture is taken at this time.

At the end of the event, a scissors tournament was held to decide who wants to participate in the exorcisation to be held after this event.

Below the stairs of the shrine there is a panel of "Livelihood Swords Rambunghat Prayer Festival".

The staff gathered in front of the shrine's main shrine and customers watching the situation far-away.

Staff participate in the prayer ceremony. However, customers can join in a very close position.

Following the staff, we were given marijuana (Ohmusa) and we were able to participate in the prayer ceremony as exactly a member.

The expression itself ends in around 15 minutes.

Finally, a group photo together with staff, stakeholders and general participants, and even priestess and shrine maiden.

"Livelihood Sword Ranbu" is the start of broadcasting in July 2017.

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