"Touken Ranbu - Hana Maru -" Phase 2 starts broadcasting in January 2018

AnimeJapan 2017With regard to the second stage of "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -" whose production decision had already been announced in the stage event "Touken Ranbu Special stage" that was held in January 2018, it will be It was announced.

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First of all, the special stage includes Yuuta Hanazawa (DMM.com Lab), "Takenoran Ranbu - ONLINE -", an executive producer of "Touken Ranbu - ONLINE -" original producer Taro Toru (Nitroplus), "Touken Ranbu - ONLINE -" Executive Producer Captain of the captain is the podium. I was narrowing my eyes to this excitement in the third year from the start of service.

One of the animated works "Touken Ranbu - Hana Maru -" was broadcast from October 2016 and the broadcast ended in December. And a sequel production decision was announced in the event "Hanamaru ◎ weather!" Held in February 2017.

On the stage of AnimeJapan 2017, Mr. Yamato Mamoru 's stable roleMitsuhiro MitsuiMr. Kiyokon of JejuToshiki Masuda, Mr. Hasebe's role, Hisashi Nagasode Toru Toru roleAragaki TarukeAttended

Thanks to the fact that the second phase production has already been announced, as a reflection of the first phase, three scenes were mentioned that were impressive.

Mr. Municipal cited the first episode, Ikedaya's shooting scene of "Falling Down and Deathing!" It is Mr. Ichibori who thought that scenes of battle might be few from the title "Hanamaru", but it seems that it was "I came from the first episode!" Because this line was there.

Masuda cited the final story of the first period (episode 12), Kiomitsu to persuade the stability that runaway. He told me that it is a scene that seems to be Kiyoshi.

Mr. Aragaki who played 2 played the second episode as Hasebe, seeing the expression Hasebe et al. Look at the burning Honnō-ji, the scene of stability "I understood the reason why the Lord took it slowly", as Chang Sang Eleventh episode, before the re-sorting to Ikedaya, Tadashi Nagaso and Tora Tsuyoshi cried out the scenes of words.

About the second term of "Hanamaru" which was revealed to start broadcasting in January 2018, the stage of the story is the story of "Toaru Honmaru" in the same way as in the first stage, and the first sword male appears as it is It is.

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