A man who boarded a homemade rocket as `` proving the earth plane theory '' died in a rocket crash

For many, the idea that the earth is round is considered common sense, but some support the

theory of the earth plane , which states that the earth is a plane, not a sphere. Mr. Mike Hughes living in the United States, nicknamed `` Mad '', was a person known for the activity of `` launching his own rocket to prove that the earth is plane '', February 22, 2020 It is reported that a self-made rocket that flew on the day crashed and died. I was 64.

Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dead at 64 After Rocket Crash Landing

Flat Earther Daredevil Dies in DIY Rocket Crash-VICE

Daredevil Flat-Earther 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dies After Homemade Rocket Launch

Infamous Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Has Died in Homemade Rocket Crash in California

Hughes is an amateur astronaut who has been developing a self-built rocket by soliciting funding from an earth planarist in cloud founding to prove that the earth is flat. In 2017,

we abandoned the launch without permission from the authorities, but in 2018 we corrected the launch angle of the rocket and launched it again.

A man who has failed to launch a rocket that proves `` Earth is flat '' announces a new challenge with an improved rocket-gigazine

The state of the launch in 2018 can be confirmed in the following news video.

Man Out to Prove the World Is Flat Crashes Homemade Rocket-YouTube

A rocket that is launched by vigorously injecting steam from a launch pad installed in the wilderness. Mr. Hughes's rocket seems to be a `` steam-powered rocket '' type rocket that stores water in a tank at high temperature and pressure and launches high in the air with the power of steam that jumps out when the valve is opened So, a method different from the rocket launched by SpaceX etc. is adopted.

The rocket is going up rapidly.

The photographer shouted, 'Let's do it!'

At launch in 2018, the rocket seems to have flew to a height of 1875 feet (about 571 meters), and the maximum speed was 350 miles per hour (about 563 kilometers per hour).

After reaching the highest point, the parachute opens safely ...

Fall at a slow speed.

The second parachute opened safely and landed on the ground.

Mr. Hughes, who was held by the rescue team, reportedly hurt his back a little, but he is responding cheerfully.

Hughes himself knew that the performance of riding a home-built rocket was dangerous, and in a 2018

interview , `` When I was climbing the stairs to the rocket, I said, 'I am hanging myself. Are you walking towards the gallows? ' But Hughes said, 'I'm a real man' and 'I play Russian roulette,' reminding me of the thrill of a reckless challenge.

And on February 22, 2020, about two years after the launch in 2018, Hughes again conducted a launch experiment of his own rocket at Barstow located 110 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California (about 180 km). did.

Below is a movie that shot until the rocket on which Mr. Hughes was actually boarded and crashed on the ground. Please watch at your own risk because it is a shocking video.

From a launch pad in the wilderness ...

The rocket was fired while vigorously spouting steam. In a preliminary interview, 'I think the top speed will be 425 miles per hour (about 683 kilometers per hour),' Hughes said.

However, it turns out that something like cloth fell off the rocket on the way. Apparently, the parachute, which should have opened during descent, has come off due to the impact of firing.

The rocket continues to climb, despite losing the parachute ...

Eventually falls.

Smoke rises from the rocket's fall point, indicating that everyone is stunned. The launch was scheduled to be featured in a program called “Homemade Astronauts” broadcast on

Science Channel .

Science Channel reports the death of Hughes, and 'Michael' Mad Mike 'Hughes died tragic during an attempt to launch a self-made rocket. We offer our families and friends our thoughts and prayers. Making this launch was always his dream. The Science Channel was there to record his journey. ' You.

Mr. Hughen's spokeswoman Darren Schuster commented that Hughes did not actually believe in the earth plane theory. 'He certainly believed in some conspiracy theories, but do not think that he believed in the Earth Plan Theory. This was the PR stunt we thought of.' They were able to move forward with so much publicity that it was clear that Hughes did not believe in the Earth Plan, 'Schuster said.

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