PlayStation and Oculus VR cancel exhibition at the world's largest game developer event GDC due to the influence of the new coronavirus

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, which

has spread in Wuhan, China and is spreading, several companies have begun to exhibit at GDC , the world's largest event for game developers.

An Important Update on GDC | Oculus

PlayStation and Oculus to Skip GDC Over Coronavirus Concerns-IGN

Announced that PlayStation and Oculus VR will stop exhibiting at the world's largest game developer event `` GDC '' scheduled to be held in San Francisco, California, USA from March 16, 2020 due to the effect of the new coronavirus Did.

Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation brand has just announced that it has stopped exhibiting at PAX East , a large-scale game-related exhibition that will also be held in the United States at the end of February 2020.

Exhibit at PlayStation's large-scale game event `` PAX East '' canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus-gigazine

When IGN of game media asked PlayStation for comment on cancellation of exhibiting at PAX East, a statement regarding `` Cancellation of PlayStation brand at GDC '' seems to have been sent to IGN side before issuing a statement from the official is.

A statement from the PlayStation said, 'With increasing concerns about the new coronavirus, we have made a difficult decision to withdraw from GDC. We feel this is the best option: we are disappointed that we can't show up at the GDC, but maintaining the health and safety of our workforce is of paramount importance to us. I'm looking forward to participating. '

Oculus VR, who declined to exhibit at the GDC, said in a blog post, `` Facebook's AR and VR-related game teams are coming this year due to concerns about the health and safety of employees, development partners and the entire GDC community. Will not participate in the GDC. We are removing the GDC exhibit area and advising all employees to refrain from participating in the GDC. ' He also announced that the GDC partner conference will be held remotely in the coming weeks and that he will attend the 2021 GDC.

IGN asked a GDC spokesman for comment, 'The GDC team places great importance on the health and safety of the game development community and closely tracks information about the new coronavirus. The GDC has established the Mosconi Center (the venue) by implementing strong local-level measures in accordance with the strict quarantine laws implemented by the US and guidance from the Public Health Service, the World Health Organization , and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We are confident that we will be able to achieve the same success as the other major events that have taken place in the United States, and thank the GDC community for their support and welcome those who could not attend this year and beyond. I'm looking forward to it. ', Which indicated that the event itself will be held in 2020.

IGN wrote that GDC is the third large-scale game event affected by the new coronavirus, following Taipei Game Show and PAX East.

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