People who can see the color of words can see their personal names like this, a site that understands the color of their name is also open


Sympathy ' is a special perceptual phenomenon in which a stimulus causes not only the original sensation but also the sensation in another area, such as 'colors appear in letters and sounds.' With such sympathy, artist Bernadette Sheridan, 'The color of words can be seen,' summarizes 'what colors appear in a person's name.'

What Color Is Your Name? A New Synesthesia Tool Will Show You.

Sheridan, who has a 'grapheme-color synesthesia' in which colors can be seen from graphemes such as letters when he is aware, says he is not very good at remembering people's names. Because when Sheridan asks the name from a person, the color is also seen at the same time, so it seems to be distracting.

In words, the color vision that sheridan receives from the name Emily is 'a bright and sunny meadow.' A similar impression seems to be given by Jille and Ellie, and when three names consisting of five characters are actually arranged in a color palette and arranged as follows.

According to Sheridan, 'a' looks like 'red', but the color corresponding to the character is visible ...

When characters are combined as names, landscapes and objects can be seen. For example, Heather is a rainbow on a vibrant sunny day, Sarah is a red and purple flashy blanket, and Bob and Tom are sturdy and hard blocks. , Juliet becomes a 'flower bed just planted'.

Some of the names are spelled 'Siobhan' and the pronunciation is 'Sivon'. Some spellings and pronunciations do not match, but if you hear such a name, you can see the spelling better. However, if you do not know the spelling, you will see the color corresponding to the alphabet that makes up the sound of the name.

Also, if the pronunciation is the same but the spelling is different, each spelling will have a slightly different color.

Sheridan, who sees the colors corresponding to the characters, has created a website, ',' that tells you what she looks like when you enter a name.

Type Your Name — What color is your name?

When I actually accessed '', there was an entry field, so I immediately entered 'G'. Then, green was displayed.

So, when I represented 'GIGAZINE' by color, it looked like this. Click 'Download Image' in the upper right corner ...

It outputs the name as an image. The site stated, 'Please share with your friends on SNS.'

Also, click on the “please visit my Etsy shop” link surrounded by a red frame ……


shop where you can order a picture with your name in a picture frame is displayed. However, at the time of article creation, it does not correspond to shipping to Japan, so I would like to expect future correspondence.

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