Chrome will block movie ads such as `` you can skip after 5 seconds '' from August 2020


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While watching a movie on YouTube etc., there should be many people who have been frustrated by the display saying 'You can skip after 5 seconds' and an advertisement appeared. Google has announced that the ad blocking feature in Chrome will block these ads from August 5, 2020.

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For some time, Google has adopted Better Ads Standards, which have established good advertising standards led by consumer organizations and others, and have implemented an ad blocking function in Chrome that conforms to these standards.

You can find out more about Better Ads Standards and Chrome's ad blocking feature by reading the following articles.

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The Coalition for Better Ads, which formulates the Better Ads Standards, announced a revised version of the Better Ads Standards on February 5, 2020, based on research on 45,000 consumers in eight countries. Three new types of ads have been defined as 'ads with problems displayed in video content of less than 8 minutes' and added to the list.

There are three types of new video content ads subject to regulation:

◆ 1: Long pre-roll ads that cannot be skipped immediately
Pre- roll ads are ads that appear before video content is played on movie sites such as YouTube. Coalition for Better Ads has defined 'pre-roll ads with a total display time of over 31 seconds that users cannot skip within 5 seconds' as particularly annoying for consumers and has been regulated.

◆ 2:

Mid-roll advertising
Mid-roll advertising is a method of inserting an advertising movie in the middle of a video. Commercials that flow during television shows are also a type of mid-roll ad. There are different types of mid-roll ads, with different lengths and insertions, but all forms of mid-roll ads will be regulated in the future.

◆ 3:

Large display advertising
Ads that are displayed not only on video content but also over the page are called overlay ads . Of these overlay ads, 'advertisements that cover more than 20% of the video content or are displayed in one-third of the space from the center of the video, still or movie ads' Hinder you from being regulated. On the other hand, the Coalition for Better Ads has been exempted from regulation, stating that 'static messages and images displayed less than 20% or outside the middle third do not significantly impair the consumer experience.' did.

The Coalition for Better Ads has set a grace period of 4 months for the Better Ads Standards to be applied in light of this revision, and will suspend website owners from regulated ads by June 5, 2020 I asked for. In response to this decision, Google has announced that `` Under the lead of the Coalition for Better Ads, from August 5, 2020, we will expand Chrome's user protection and stop showing problematic ads in all regions '' . The ad blocking function that adopted the new standard will be applied to all versions of Chrome.

Google further stated that, like other websites that handle video content, YouTube will also be reviewed for compliance with the Better Ads Standards, stating that YouTube is no exception. Google plans to review the entire advertising platform, including YouTube, and develop services based on the research results of Better Ads Standards.

We also encouraged website owners to see if their ads are being viewed by Chrome as 'problem ads' through a tool called ' Ad Experience Reports '. .

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