Netflix is a worldwide exclusive distribution of the live-action drama of the popular manga `` ONE PIECE '' in all 10 episodes

Manga announced at the 20th anniversary event in 2017 `` ONE PIECE ( one piece ) Live-action drama planning ' for, first the season Ⅰ of all 10 episodes configuration Netflix has been announced that the whole world Exclusive.

'ONE PIECE' is a manga by Eiichiro Oda that has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997 and is a phenomenally popular work with a total circulation of more than 460 million copies worldwide. Although there were many offers for live-action filming, it was not quite realized, but Tomorrow Studio led by Marty Adelstein who worked on `` Prison Break ' ' and also produced a live-action version `` Cowboy Bebop '' Was decided to be a live-action film, and the project was underway.

Oda, the original author and executive producer, has the following commentary with illustrations:

We announced the production in 2017, but it takes time! Preparations are slowly progressing under the water. And this time we can announce this. Netflix, the world's number one video distribution service, will help you greatly! Encouraging! ! Season。 How far will the story progress in 10 episodes? What will happen to the cast !? And please expect!

By the way, the latest issue of the original book is

95 volumes published in December 2019. Over the course of the season, how far will the Netflix original series 'ONE PIECE' be visualized?

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