Apple applies for a patent `` integrating the display and keyboard '' by covering the PC with a curved glass sheet

On January 23, 2020, it turned out that Apple had applied for a patent related to the next-generation all-in-one PC, in which the display, keyboard, touch pad, etc. were covered with a curved glass sheet and integrated.

Patently Apple , who reported on the new patent, said, `` It is great to see Apple engineers looking for the next generation iMac and expanding their imagination, '' said the next generation iMac adopting ambitious design I think there is a possibility that it will be.

United States Patent Application: 0200026327

Apple invents an AIO Desktop Computer made from Glass that incorporates the Keyboard, Dual Trackpads & more-Patently Apple html

Apple imagines iMac built into curved sheet of glass-The Verge

A patent filed by Apple is that a curved glass sheet integrates the display, which is the display area of the PC, with the input area, such as a keyboard and touchpad. As shown below, the display and keyboard are connected by a curved glass sheet, and are configured as a device in which the keyboard and display are integrated like a notebook PC.

By making the keyboard part a raised three-dimensional structure, it reduces the discomfort at the time of typing when typing on the keyboard of the tablet PC screen, and it seems that you can also enter while feeling the key arrangement with your fingertips like a conventional keyboard is.

Also, the structure where only the keyboard part rises was mentioned in the patent.

It is also possible to embed the processing unit in the back structure that supports the display.

In addition, it has been suggested that docking with a conventional MacBook is possible.

It seems that the connection between the curved display and keyboard can be folded when stored, making it compact.

Patently Apple pointed out that Apple's filing of a new patent has led to the separation of output devices, such as displays, and input devices, such as keyboards, into separate components in many devices. In addition, it is said that the case of the conventional PC may be easily scratched or made of a material that is not excellent in tactile sensation and appearance. In that regard, Patently Apple claims that Apple's idea of covering the whole with a glass sheet provides a new vision for future iMacs and desktop PCs.

The Verge states, 'This design is too radical and we would be very surprised if the patented product in question was brought to market. However, the design of the iMac was It's not surprising that some of Apple's designers are considering a major overhaul, with no change compared to progress. '

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