What is the secret of the design and design philosophy of the new MacBook Apple calls "the best MacBook ever?"

Apple's new product launch "Spring forward"12 inches new model"MacBook"Was announced, in addition to its overwhelming thinness and lightness, excellence of design stands out, realizing fanless and carrying a high-performance battery. The design philosophy of the new MacBook Apple calls "the best MacBook of all time" can be understood in a single shot by watching this movie.

The new MacBook - Design - YouTube

The new MacBook is a culmination of "beliefs". What commanded the designJohnny Ive.

By making the main parts simple, we are producing the highest possible efficiency.

It is a product that has never existed so far.

Harmonized various disciplines.

Full size keyboard is essential for comfortable and accurate typing.

We redefined the keyboard in the new MacBook.

Thinner, more accurate.

I made a butterfly mechanism composed of one part.

This dome type part is made of stainless steel.

Balance and durability are realized.

Each key has an LED light.

This has evolved into a keyboard backlight with even better visibility.

The Retina display is the best visual experience.

Further improve Retina display adopted in conventional Mac. We review all components up to the glass, pixels.

Thinner and lighter, it achieves 30% power saving.

It delivers the expected performance with bright coloring and brightness.

Added a pressure-sensitive mechanism to the multi-touch trackpad.

This addition realizes the operability of a new dimension.

Touch sensors are placed on the entire glass surface.

The pressure sensor can detect the finger pressure in a wide range.

Light tap and deeply pressed operation can be used separately.

Pressure detection is performed by this electromagnetic component. As feedback of tactile feedback, you can intuitively understand what happens on the display.

It is ideal to have the battery as long as possible.

For that purpose I developed a new battery.

Revamp all parts up to the structure of the battery and the cell.

Sheet-like batteries stacked in layers are accurately shaped, and can be snugly fitted in the body.

With this compact size, capacity increase of 35% compared to the conventional one has been realized.

In order to bring out the best performance, we worked on extreme "densification".

Parts are arranged very densely.

Logic board (motherboard) of unprecedented high density and extremely small size was born.

And we succeeded in removing parts driven by fans etc., making quiet operation possible.

The antenna is placed on the hinge part.

Newly developed aluminum hinge.

A unibody structure of metal is realized.

The first all-metal MacBook was born.

The new MacBook is not just thin and light.

Also supports advanced wireless technology. This realizes true mobility.

A type C USB connector that combines various external ports. It corresponds to charging, external output of video, data transmission / reception with this one.

Weighs just 13.1 mm and weighs 2 pounds (about 920 grams)

A new MacBook is a design that does not sacrifice anything.

Being a standard for new mobile performance.

Of course it is also a high-performance standard.

And it is a finale with the phrase "Apple will deliver the best MacBook ever considered". I understand well the design and design philosophy that has been sticking to an unprecedented degree.

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