Finally the new "MacBook Pro" appeared, what disappeared and what was installed?

Apple held on October 27, 2016Apple Special EventAmong the new type "MacBook Pro"Was announced.RumorOn the street, the new MacBook Pro, a new interface "Touch Bar"Is installed. Besides, the new MacBook Pro which has evolved variously, including a port capable of transferring data up to 40 Gbps, which is a combination of USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, was installed in the previous model USB - A port · HDMI port · SDXC card slot etc etc are gone.

MacBook Pro - Apple (Japan)

You can see well what kind of notebook the new MacBook Pro is finished by looking at the following movie.

New MacBook Pro - Design, Performance, Features - Apple - YouTube

The new MacBook Pro combines the characteristics that form the foundation of an overwhelmingly easy-to-carry device and uncompromising performance. Therefore, it seems that the new MacBook Pro dramatically reduces the total volume of the product, which seems to be as much as 17% thinner.

The new MacBook Pro is equipped with the best Retina display (13 inch: resolution 2560 x 1600, 15 inch: resolution 2880 x 1800) on Apple's notebook.

Since precisely designed LED spectra are emitted through the metal oxide backplane, overwhelmingly bright and high contrast images are displayed in a wider color gamut.

The previous model had brightness of 300 nit, but the new MacBook Pro has been expanded to 500 nits, which is expressed as "67% bright display". Besides, since the display now supports P3 color, it seems that it is now possible to use 25% more colors than standard RGB.

With a larger pressure sensitive touch track pad you can use any gesture in a spacious area. The area of ​​the trackpad is up to twice the maximum.

The keyboard design has also been improved.

By optimizing the dome switch under each key, better responses are coming back, improving accuracy and efficiency.

This improves the stability of the key by four times compared to the conventional one.

It was Touch Bar that it was decided to be newly placed on the top of that keyboard.

Multi-Touch compatible Touch Bar makes it possible to more intuitively and quickly manipulate the content on the screen.

The commands hidden so far will be displayed on the Touch Bar, so you can use various actions more easily.

Of course it is also possible to customize what is displayed on the Touch Bar.

You can also display the function keys by holding down the "fn" key on the keyboard.

Also, since the most relevant controls for each application are dynamically displayed on the Touch Bar, the work efficiency further increases.

A slide bar that adjusts color taste for each application to use ......

It transforms into the interface that the user wants, such as the date of the calendar.

Even if video calls come in with FaceTime, it can be received from Touch Bar. It is exactly like an interface that displays the actions that are most needed on the spot.

In addition, the new MacBook Pro is also the first Mac with Touch ID. Touch ID seems to be installed in the right end part of Touch Bar.

You will be able to do net shopping etc. safely just by placing your finger.

Seamless integration of such hardware and software is unique to Apple. Of course you can use the Touch Bar not only in Apple applications but also in third party applications.

On the bottom ......

A redesigned speaker is installed. The exhaust of the new speaker is maximized, and it is designed so that the sound faithful to the original sound spreads throughout the room. The volume is up to 58% bigger and the bass is also 2.5 times bigger.

And a professional processor which is the basis of every action to do on the MacBook Pro is this. The processor is equipped with the 6 th generation Intel Core processor, and it can save power in a light task such as surfing the Internet or checking mail. In addition, high-speed system memory and storage technology are integrated, so speed and response of every work is improved. Since the 15-inch MacBook Pro has Radeon Pro discrete GPUs, graphics performance is up to 130% faster than models one generation ago.

Temperature management is extremely important for the powerful notebook so far. Therefore, we are arranging the blades of the thinner fan at various intervals, and cooling the inside by quietly extruding air from a strong structure with almost no gap.

In addition, the new MacBook Pro has two 13-inch models and one 15-inch model available for purchase from 148,800 yen, excluding tax. The cheapest model is not equipped with Touch Bar, and 12 physical function keys are installed instead.

Although the new MacBook Pro has no USB - A port, HDMI port, SDXC card slot etc, which had been installed in the model of one generation ago, etc, it has a port integrated with Thunderbolt 3 and USB - C instead I will. The data transfer speed is 40 Gbps maximum, which is twice the speed of Thunderbolt 2 and 8 times speed of USB 3.0. This will take less than 1 minute to copy 14 hours of HD video, less than 1 minute to copy 25,000 photos, less than 1 minute to copy 10,000 songs, less stressful Data transfer becomes possible.

The cheapest non-Touch Bar models have only two ports, while the 13-inch and 15-inch models with Touch Bar each have a total of four ports, two on each side.

Also, since Thunderbolt 3 has twice the display bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2, it supports two 4K displays or one 5K display. In addition, you can also create a powerful workstation by simultaneously connecting two 5K displays and two RAID systems to a 15-inch MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The specifications of each model are as follows. The new MacBook Pro has an SSD that is even faster than the one generation ago, and the sequential read speed is up to 3.1 GB / s. For the 15-inch model it is now possible to choose 2 TB SSD.

◆ 13-inch MacBook Pro (without Touch Bar)

· 13.3 inch (diagonal) LED backlight display
· 2.0 GHz dual core Intel Core i 5 or 2.4 GHz dual core Intel Core i 7 processor (up to 3.4 GHz when using Turbo Boost)
· Battery that can be driven for up to 10 hours
· Up to 1 TB SSD
· Pressure sensitive touch track pad
· 1.37 kg

◆ 13-inch MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar)

· Touch Bar and Touch ID
· 13.3 inch (diagonal) LED backlight display
· 2.9 GHz or 3.1 GHz dual core Intel Core i 5 processor, or 3.3 GHz dual core Intel Core i 7 processor (up to 3.6 GHz with Turbo Boost)
· Battery that can be driven for up to 10 hours
· Up to 1 TB SSD
· Pressure sensitive touch track pad
· 1.37 kg

◆ 15-inch MacBook Pro

· Touch Bar and Touch ID
· 15.4 inch (diagonal) LED backlight Retina display
· 2.6 GHz, 2.7 GHz, or 2.9 GHz quad core Intel Core i 7 processor (up to 3.8 GHz when using Turbo Boost)
· Battery that can be driven for up to 10 hours
· Up to 2 TB SSD
· Pressure sensitive touch track pad
· 1.83 kg

A movie that can trace the history of the evolution of MacBook Pro has also been released, and there may be something that comes up to old Apple users.

MacBook Pro - Reveal - YouTube

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