The possibility of a new MacBook that Apple obtains a patent of "two screen type folding device" and replaces the keyboard with an organic EL display is also possible

byAaron Yoo

Developed foldable organic EL display in collaboration with LG ElectronicsThen,Application for folding smartphone also appliedIt turned out that Apple was acquiring a patent for a folding device with two independent displays.

Apple Granted a Patent for a Dual Display MacBook or Second Generation iPad Pro - Patently Apple

Patent Images

The patents acquired by Apple this time were submitted on September 22, 2015 and published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on February 27, 2018. Its content is "dual display device that improves visibility and suppresses reflection", and the conceptual diagram looks like this. Besides folding dual display equipment, glasses type terminals are drawn.

The two displays are attached adjacent to each other, and they can be opened and closed by a hinge. As it is, the light of one display will be reflected on the other display, making it hard to see, but on the displayPolarizationSince the board is loaded, the idea that it becomes possible to check the contents of the display while suppressing the reflection by applying polarized glasses is included.

The dual display device in the conceptual diagram of the patent has a shape like a notebook PC, and incorporating the polarized glasses and incorporating the idea of ​​suppressing the reflection can be said to be an idea with a view to practical application. Of course this is a patent and it is unknown whether it will be commercialized in the future, but some models of current MacBook Pro are replaced with function keysTouch Bar of organic EL touch panelAnd you can expect the possibility that a new MacBook that substitutes all the keyboard with the organic EL display will appear.


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