'Smart concrete wall' which realizes complicated shape with 3D printer and can also become lighting equipment by incorporating electrode

"Smart concrete wall" which can realize more functions than before by realizing a complicated shape using a mold outputted by a 3D printer and embedding electrodes, conductors and lighting equipment also in the concrete body The development of it is under way.

the world's first 'smart concrete wall' is activated by the touch of a hand

This smart concrete wall is developed by NOWlab , an interdisciplinary design studio based in Berlin. While using concrete as a material, it is the point that realizes a complicated shape, and at the same time, by incorporating electric equipment into the concrete itself, it can be integrated with lighting equipment as shown in the picture below.

Complex shapes are realized by using a special formwork that appears black in the following pictures. This formwork was outputted by a 3D printer, and it is aiming that everyone can use the manufacturing technology of high-quality concrete products which had been honed by specialized craftsmen.

From the top, you can see that the concrete walls draw subtle twisted lines. One of the objectives of development is to recreate such finish that was only possible by skilled craftsmen with digital technology.

In the opening at the upper part, the lighting equipment is embedded in this way ... ...

It is possible to light it by touching a part of concrete by hand. However, there is nothing like a switch anywhere on the appearance.

The mechanism is made up of the electrical equipment that was incorporated at the time of concrete molding. Cables and so on are also output by 3D printers, and the entire wall is made to function as one device.

By utilizing this technology, it is also possible to make long smart concrete walls.

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