Why are cats causing confusion and controversy across Britain?



Cats have been loved by humans since ancient times, and there are many people who keep cats as pets and feed stray cats. However, problems such as the appearance of `` people who steal cats owned by others '' and `` people who have been forced to move because their cats have troubled their neighbors '' have appeared too much, because cats are too cute, 'Cats are causing confusion and controversy throughout Britain,' it was reported.

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In January 2020, a couple of John Hall and Jackie Hall from Hammersmith , London, fought a court battle with a woman from the neighborhood, Nikola Resviller. Couples and Resubireru's the cause that contested's Hall, a couple has kept Maine Coon seems to have been a cat called 'Ozzy' varieties that.

Ozzy was the cat of Hall's, but Lesviller repeatedly fed Ozzy and brought him to his house, finally removed the collar of Ozzy attached by Hall's, and gave her phone number and home address. The collar was replaced with the one described. Hall protested in response, but Lesvirel replied by email that 'Ozzy is very beloved and well cared for and misses me.' In response, Hall said, 'Ozzy is not your cat, we will not give you Ozzy.' 'We've been asking for many years, 'Why are you holding your cat? 'Why can't we leave our cats?' 'Again.

'This is a sad case,' said Tom Weisselberg, a lawyer for Hall and his colleagues. Weisselberg is a friend of Halls, so this time he accepted a free lawyer. According to Weiselberg, it is legal to steal a cat from another person without permission, but police generally do not engage in pet theft. As a result, Hall's case was settled, with Lesvirel agreeing to restrictions on contact with Ozzy. Such cases where domestic cats are stolen by other residents have been reported throughout Britain.


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In addition, the case where a cat develops into a problem with neighboring residents is not limited to “cat theft”. One day, a woman named Lana, who moved to the suburbs of Scotland with three cats, said from her neighbor that, 'It's better to put a cat in the room. The cat will catch wild birds, and my house's ground keeper will take a cat. I'm shooting. ' Lana replied that it would be fine if she told me that she had a domestic cat in the garden beforehand, but a neighbor said, 'This is my land, I will do what I like. You are strangers '

Fearing that the cat would be shot, Rana took measures such as fencing a yard, but her family was excluded from a tightly connected rural community. In the end, the Lana family gave up staying in the house and moved to France with their cat.



Sam Francis, who owns a cat named 'Mustachio', is troubled by a nicknamed 'Little Big Balls' living in his neighborhood. Because Little Big Boles sees Mustathio and attacks them, Francis has been trying to keep Little Big Boles from approaching Mustathio by flooding him with a water gun when Little Big Boles appear in the garden.

However, one day, the owner of Little Big Balls appeared to Mr. Francis and said that he had violently blamed Francis who attacks the cat with a water gun. 'I'm just trying to protect my cat,' replied the owner of the Little Big Balls who said 'You're scaring my cat. You'll definitely hate animals.' . However, the partner's owner had no ears to listen, saying that the cat had the freedom to go anywhere he wanted, and continued to accuse Francis.


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Gina Burnside, a 33-year-old woman, is in trouble because she loves mischief about her cat, Hector. One day, Hector, who was walking around in the neighborhood with his own face, had uprooted and hunted frogs from a pond in the garden of an elderly couple living next door. Burnside apologized to the old couple, but his relationship with the old couple was tense.

As the relationship between the old couple and Burnside is nervous, Hector finally breaks into the old couple's house and steals chicken dishes from the table. Burnside said he could not endure the conflict with the elderly couple any more, so he had to sell his house and move.

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However, the problem with neighboring residents around cats is that in many cases, other people start to keep their cats without permission, said Colin Butcher of 'Pet Detective'. 'There have been more cat theft cases in the past three years than ever before,' says Butcher, who undertakes the task of delivering lost pets to their owners.

Butcher distinguishes between 'cat temptation,' in which a neighbor temporarily feeds another cat, and theft, which makes the cat completely his own. 'Most cat seduction cases are stolen when the criminal can no longer stop feeding,' said Butcher. If the weight of the domestic cat is strangely increasing or being groomed, it is said that some other resident may be feeding.

Butcher, who specializes in theft of pets, carries a document with a police chief of police, stating that 'If you own someone else's cat, you will be guilty of theft.' If you show the documents to the criminal you find and say, 'You should be wise,' the case will often be settled amicably. However, sometimes there seems to be a criminal of a 'collector type' who has a strong obsession, and it is said that he will struggle with a criminal who randomly gathers cats who are likely to be invited to his home walking on the street anyway. According to Butcher, these collector-type culprits are often female.

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There are criminals who intentionally steal cats, but there are cases where the culprit who stole another cat's own cat does not realize that he has 'stolen a cat'. According to Butcher, 50% of free-range cats regularly visit another home, and as many as four people may believe that the same cat is 'owner of this cat.' That's right.

Unfortunately, butchers point out that cats aren't reserved only for their specific owners, and that when new babies are born or other pets are started, they are more likely to go to another home. The Guardian summarizes that cats are whimsical and that humans might be able to temporarily borrow cats' affection temporarily.

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