A pet kitten is being bullied by a dog next door, a man who gets angry stabs his neighbor with a knife


A man who thought that his dog had been bullied by her dog next door caused a case in which a knife stabbed his neighbor at the end of an argument.

It is this case that seems like a confrontation between a dog faction and a feline faction, but fortunately the neighbors injury seems to have been different from life.

The reason why a man stabbed his neighbor was as follows.San Diego man, 74, allegedly stabs neighbor in dispute over pets [Updated] | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

In the residential area of ​​San Diego, California, neighboring friends argue about whether a pet kittens are being bullied by a dog kept in the next house, and the cat owner is the dog owner at the end of the quarrel There was a case of stabbing with a knife.

Eugene McFarland (74), the owner of the kittens who became a perpetrator, testified, at the end of the quarrel, I knocked off the opponent's face with a broom at first, then picked up the knife who was at home, It means that I poked on the abdomen of my neighbor. The lips of the victim were swollen and brought to the hospital because of being stabbed in the abdomen, but it seems there was no change in life.

Since only the assailant's assertion is released, it is not certain whether the suspect's cat has been bullied by the neighbor's dog, but it is incorrect as being incomprehensible as a motive for stabbing the opponent at any rate There is none……

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