A movie that is close to the attention and taste of one-cho grilled called `` natural product taiyaki '' is a topic overseas

Taiyaki is a `` cultured product '' that can be made in large quantities if there are many types on the iron plate often seen in the city, and conversely, those with one type separated from each other are `` natural products '' Called. A movie of a person who has been making this natural product for 15 years has been released from overseas food media '

Eater ' and has become a hot topic.

How Taiyaki, One Of Tokyo's Favorite Street Foods, Is Made — First Person-YouTube

In 'One-choyaki', also known as 'Taiyaki of natural products', the liquid that becomes the skin of Taiyaki is poured into each mold as follows.

Light the stove ...

I will arrange the mold that the handle extends on it.

It is Kiichiro Yoshino of the original Asakusa Taiyaki restaurant '

Sharaku ' to make this natural product. Sharaku is a popular shop in Asakusa, and it seems that there was a case where 'the person who bought and ate two taiyaki came back and ate two more.'

Gently remove the taiyaki from the mold.

The taiyaki is crispy with a thin skin enough for the bean to seep from the surface. The bean jam inside seems to be moist.

The store is like this.

Taiyaki is suspended at the store.

Yoshino-san has a one-cooked mold. It seems that one is about 2kg.

This is what it looks like when you open it. During this time, liquid and bean paste are sandwiched. The type used by Yoshino is made in Niigata, and the desired face to be made by hand is different depending on the type. Prices range from 35,000 to 60,000 yen each.

For one-cho grilling, first pour the liquid into one of the molds ...

After putting the bean paste, add the liquid again, sandwich it in a mold and bake it.

The appearance of baking is like this.

Anko is said to have red beans, sugar, and a little salt from Hokkaido. In fact, because the price of red beans soared and doubled in one year, he said he wanted to use a different bean once, but Yoshino said, 'I still want to stick to Hokkaido beans.'

Beans cooked for 3 hours look like this.

'The skin is made from American flour, with a little baking soda, and nothing else.'

In the past, there were many Chinese customers, but in recent years there are many European and American customers, and Yoshino said that 'mostly foreign customers in the morning.' In foreign countries, there are not many ways to eat 'simmering beans', so some people like to eat anko for the first time with Sharaku Taiyaki.

Sharaku opened in 2006, stating that there is no one-yaki grilled restaurant in Asakusa. Since then, Yoshino has been making taiyaki for 15 years.

'I want to continue for another 10 years, but I'm over 70 and I'm healthy. I'd like to continue for 5 or 6 years. I want to continue as much as possible.'

'My son was doing it, but he stopped it, but I can do it if there is a successor.'

'After all, they say that they like children, and children who haven't eaten before will eat and like them. That's the most happy thing.'

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