'Gretel & Hansel' trailer that arranges Grimm fairy tales that everyone knows as adult horror is on sale

A trailer of the horror movie ' Gretel & Hansel ', which is one of the stories recorded in the

Grimm fairy tale published in the 19th century while arranging for adults, ' Hansel and Gretel ' has been released. The main character, Gretel, a 16-year-old girl, is played by Sophia Lilith, who played Beverly on ' IT / it, if you can see it' .

GRETEL & HANSEL Official Trailer (2020)-YouTube

Gretel walking in the woods (actor: Sofia Lilith)

His brother Hansel (actor: Sam Leaky) pleads with Gretel, 'Speaking a fairy tale.'

'I found something that couldn't be found,' said Gretel, a silhouette of someone who emerged in the forest where he stared, staring.

'You have been kicked out of the house. You can survive on your own with just your clothes on.'

Hansel and Gretel wandered through the woods because they had no choice but to be kicked out of the house.

'I am hungry'

'I'm hungry'

Match the forehead with 'She comes close to the piglet' and imitate each other's pigs and smile.

A strange triangular house suddenly appeared in front of them.

'There are lots of cakes!' Hansel goes up into the house without permission.

On the other hand, Gretel, who was looking through the window, was surprised when Hansel suddenly disappeared from his eyes.

Hurry and pick up a huge stone ...

Throw it at the house, but the house doesn't shake.

Now try to light the house.

Then suddenly the door of the house opened and came out from inside ...

Holder living in this house (actor: Alice Cridge)

Gretel is invited to the house and introduces himself to Holder, 'Hello, I'm Gretel, this is my younger brother, Hansel.'

Hansel wears food without greeting

The holder pulls out Hansel's hair so that it suddenly comes off ...

Smell with a fascinating expression.

Gretel considers escape as 'this is something wrong', but Hansel refuses to say 'but ... it's fun.'

There was a dubious ceremony in the woods, behind Gretel's doubts, 'Where is the animal squeezing milk when there are no animals?'

The inverted

pentagram carved in the tree is a symbol of the devil.

Something in my hand is moving ...

Gretel drops on the floor unintentionally.

He looks at Gretel, whose holder is in a hurry.

Holder notices that Gretel has 'the ability to see invisible things.'

'Forgiveness and death are the same magic,' Holder tells Gretel.

Holder pulls something like human hair out of mouth ...

Whisper 'delicious'.

Will Gretel and Hansel be able to escape from Holder's house?

In the original 'Hansel and Gretel', Hansel is an older brother and Gretel is a younger sister, but in 'Gretel & Hansel', Gretel is an older sister and Hansel is a younger brother, and the age setting is opposite to the original. In an interview , director Oz Perkins said in an interview , 'Gretel & Hansel is faithful to the original, with only three main characters: Hansel, Gretel, and a witch. To make Gretel older than Hansel. '

'Gretel & Hansel' will be published in the United States on January 31, 2020, but its publication in Japan is undecided at the time of writing.

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