All attempts to save data for Yahoo Groups scheduled to be deleted will be disrupted

Yahoo Groups in the U.S. announced that it will gradually terminate the service on October 17, 2019, and on December 14, 2019 all the posted content will be deleted It is. In response, volunteers were trying to save data in an Internet archive , but there were reports of interference from Yahoo! Verizon.


Yahoo! in the US was acquired by communications giant Verizon in 2017 for $ 4.5 billion. Yahoo !, which is part of Verizon, announced on October 17, 2019 that it will gradually close the Yahoo Groups website in the United States. On October 21, 2019, uploading of new content will cease, and on December 14, all content that has been posted so far will be deleted. Was notified . Yahoo Groups in mailing lists and bulletin boards, such as online storage, group activities are service is provided that can be used in, in 2010 that there are 115 million users have been reported .

According to Yahoo !, all of the following features will be abolished.

·Link Collection
・ Database
・ Attached file
・ Conversation data
・ Mail update
・ Message digest
・ Message history

According to featheredleader, archivists who collect, organize, and store valuable information received news from Yahoo! and continued to work to rescue the information remaining in Yahoo Groups. However, featheredleader reports that the email addresses of many archivists have been banned by December 5th, and the remedy has not remained.

The situation of an archivist named Morgan Dawn is as follows.

Yahoo Groups Fandom Rescue Project-Yahoo-Gedden

Dawn is an email addressed to featheredleader, 'The archive team that uploaded data to the Internet archive has been blocked, and the activity done by hundreds of volunteers over the past few months has become a water bubble.' Banned all email addresses used by volunteer archive teams to download data, Verizon disabled the semi-automated script of the archive team, so the work needed to be done individually and the task continued 'In addition, Yahoo prevents users and owners from using third-party tools to access their messages, photos, and files.' Verizon Bro Over it lose 80% of the data because of the click 'and we reflect their current situation.

In response to this, featheredleader contacted Verizon, and Verizon responded that '128 actions on could not be approved because they violated the terms of service.' Although Verizon's terms allow individuals to download content that they have uploaded, other members of the group are not allowed to download content that has been uploaded. For this reason, archivists have been blocked for violating the terms of service.

Featheredleader said the plan “deleted 58 days after being notified” is too short for the group to save the archive, and 128 banned accounts are allowed to be downloaded by the group owner And asks Verizon not to apply the Terms of Service to 128 people. In addition, featheredleader spelled the above situation on the blog on December 8, but there seems to be no change in the situation at the time of article creation.

The Yahoo! Group provided in Japan ended the service in 2014.

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