Dropbox photo sharing application "Carousel" and Gmail organizing application "Mailbox" to be abolished

Dropbox is a photo sharing application that was incorporated into its service "Carousel"And the" Gmail organizing application "MailboxWe announced that it will abolish the. Carousel will be closed on March 31, 2016, Mailbox will be terminated slightly earlier February 26, 2016.

Saying goodbye to Carousel and Mailbox | | Dropbox Blog

Carousel is an application released by Dropbox in April 2014, with the purpose of managing and sharing photos taken with smartphone cameras with Dropbox. One Mailbox is a mail management application made with the concept of "Mail is task management", which Dropbox acquired in January 2013 the application that appeared in January 2013. The purchase price isAbout 100 million dollars(About 10 billion yen at the time at that time) and was attracting a lot of attention, it is supposed to be abolished in just over two years.

Carousel and Mailbox have reviewed the application even at GIGAZINE. Details can be confirmed from the following articles respectively.

I tried using the application "Carousel" which can automatically synchronize photos and movies of smartphones to Dropbox and easily share the data - GIGAZINE

An application that can crispy by swiping a stubborn Gmail "Mailbox" - GIGAZINE

Dropbox has not announced specific reasons for this decision, but on the blog it states the policy "to shift to the development of collaborative work tools" from now on. In the field of photo sharing, services such as Facebook and Instagram are expanding globally, and it is sure that Carousel had problems with expansion. From now on develop resourcesPaper(Beta development in progress) and other services are considered to be focused on.

After the abolition of Carousel, it is possible to manage the picture on the "Photos" tab in the Dropbox application. Meanwhile, Mailbox also said that measures will be taken to smoothly transition existing users to Gmail.

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