The Google photo management service "Picasa" has ended and will be integrated into "Google Photos" in the future

Google's photo organizing / editing / sharing service "PicasaWill terminate the service at the end of April 2016, after May 1, 2016 the photo management service will be "Google PhotosGoogle announces that it will be unified into one.

Picasa Blog: Moving on from Picasa

Picasa was originally a Google blog service "BloggerIt was acquired in July 2004 to expand the photo function of " Google has been developing Picasa for more than 10 years, but in May 2015 it will be available free of charge and unlimited capacity in iOS, Android,Google PhotosWe released various questions between the development team on the future service continuation of Picasa since releasing it.

As Google Photos' service provision is going well, Google decided to terminate the Picasa service and integrate the photo storage service into Google Photos. In the Picasa blog, Anil Sabharwal, a Google photo development leader, said, "By combining it into Google Photos, we can deliver better quality services to users than to keep developing two different photo management services separately I believe that. "

Picasa's desktop application will be delivered on March 15, 2016 and will not be updated thereafter. If you have installed Picasa on your PC, browsing, downloading and deleting albums are possible even after delivery is complete, but from May 1st 2016 new album creation / album editing functions will be unusable.

Picasa - Organize, edit, share photos

In order to proceed with the transition to Google Photos, Google says it will provide a mechanism that allows users to easily retrieve photos until the end of Picasa. For example, "Picasa Web Albums" of the album function will be automatically transferred to Google Photos, and you will be able to view, edit and share photos and movies saved in Picasa with the Google Photos app. Also, "Google Photos has better search and sharing capabilities than Picasa," Sabharwal says.

For users who do not want to use Google Photos by any means and for those who want to use Picasa's tag comment feature, Google is creating a special page that allows access to Picasa Web Albums data. On the dedicated page, you will be able to view / download / delete photos. Also, the Picasa API for developers will be available on or after May 1stInvalidIt is scheduled to become.

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