What is the “pumping power” that the productivity specialists claim is important, and what are the specific measures?



Paula Rizzo , who won the Emmy Award as a TV show producer and also works as a productivity expert and consultant, was forced to leave on vacation due to the explosion of the appendix . Rizzo, who has lived as a Jesus man, sums up “ How to No Without Compromising Relationships with People ” as this experience has changed the way of looking at life.

Here are 4 examples of how to say no, according to productivity expert

Mr. Rizzo felt that `` I have to go to the hospital '' before the appendix ruptured, but Rizzo who had returned `` Yes '' to all had too many promises to fulfill and he lost the opportunity . After that, Rizzo, who was forced to be hospitalized on the 8th, accepted the idea that `` Rest is the new hustle '' (rest is the shortcut), and concluded that the most important thing for rest is `` having the ability to say no ''. It was. When Rizzo is invited to a networking event by a close friend or former colleague, he tries to refuse the following points.

◆ 1: Simple



It ’s important to be polite and swiftly communicate what you cannot do. Try to invite someone else right away without slowing down the opponent's plan. Just say 'Thank you for inviting me, but I can't attend'. There is no need to give a reason. By doing this way, the other party can proceed.

◆ 2: Tell honestly



In fact, there are various reasons for refusing invitations, such as 'I have other promises' and 'I don't feel.' For whatever reason, there is no problem, and speaking honestly eliminates the guilt after refusing. It ’s important to speak honestly, “I ’m a little tired of the event in the last few weeks, so I ’ll quit it, but thank you for inviting me. Have fun!”.

◆ 3: Alternative proposal



One way is to suggest people who are likely to take the invitation instead. “I ca n’t do that day, but I ’d like to get in touch with Sandra, my ex-colleague.” Suggesting that the person who invited me was pleased and my presence was forgotten There is no end to it.

◆ 4: Ask for the next opportunity

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You may feel like you are busy and want to refuse at the time you are invited, but at another opportunity. 'I want to go, but I have a plan at that time. If you tell me when I know the next event, I'll leave the plan,' and the person who comes to mind when the other party gets the next opportunity And will never lose a chance.

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