What preparations should be made to do 'digital detox' away from the internet and smartphones?

In recent years, there are more and more opportunities to use the Internet, e-mail, SNS, etc. for work, and many people should feel that 'emails related to work do not make me feel uneasy even outside business hours.' Meanwhile, '

Digital Detox ', which cuts off the use of smartphones and PCs for a certain period of time, is becoming popular, Rachel Cook , an expert in leadership and work environment, said, 'Digital detox 'Preparations to do'.

Digital Detox—The Key to Unplugging from Work on Vacation

In the summer of 2020, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it may be difficult to go to a resort and enjoy a leisurely vacation as usual. Nonetheless, Cook argues that vacations are necessary to avoid

burnout and that you should have time to relax and read a book at home.

It has been pointed out that connecting a digital device for a long time has demerits for the body and mind, ``People who used smartphones for work reasons after 21:00 tend to get tired from work the next day, even that is not turned on 'only research result has come out. A 2017 study also found that connecting to digital devices has a negative impact on work stress, overwork, and job satisfaction.

As a result, Cook points out that digital detox, which keeps work-related contacts away as much as possible from digital devices such as smartphones and laptops, is more than just enjoying the vacation. Digital detox will benefit your mind and body by giving you time to focus on work stress, attention to various things, and alertness to customers, colleagues, and bosses.

However, it is not okay if you suddenly refuse all communication methods and withdraw, and for your teammates at work and yourself, you need to be careful when practicing digital detox. Cook believes that doing digital detox is a great gift to give to me, and that refreshing and returning to work has merit at work,' Cook said. He is thinking.

If you're motivated to do digital detox, the first thing you'll want to do is take the next vacation to a 'mate who might want to get in touch with you while you're away,' such as a teammate at work or a business partner Should clearly state that he cannot answer the call. It's also important to inform them about urgent matters that you should do before your vacation and, if possible, delay your schedule until after your vacation.

Of course, just because you are absent does not mean that all related work is also absent. So, before you take a digital detox vacation, you need to be careful about your emails and calendars, anticipate the jobs you may have during your absence, and postpone anything that can be postponed. .. Cook also recommends that you have a trusted colleague deal with anything you need to do when you are out of the office and create a 'situation where you can stay out of touch with yourself'.

Even if these measures are taken, some people may still feel the anxiety that 'there may be an emergency that I must deal with when I am absent.' It is also recommended that such a person be provided with a 'trustworthy agent' so that they can be contacted only in the event of a real emergency. Telling your team members who your delegates are can help you make decisions in an emergency.

When practicing digital detox, it is also important to be prepared to return to work. Given the mess of returning to the office after being out of touch for a few days, some people may be discouraged from doing digital detox, but make a systematic approach when returning to work. You can deal with this anxiety with.

First of all, instruct your agents and team members to summarize the 'problems that occurred when you were out of the office' so that you can get high priority information quickly when you return to work. I will. And they should have a plan to meet with their representatives and team members' representatives as early as possible on the day they return to work.

In addition, for the first week after returning from digital detox, Mr. Cook recommends that there is a blank time of about 3 to 5 hours a day to devote himself to consideration of problems that occurred during his absence. .. As an extreme hand, it seems that on the first day after returning from digital detox, it will not answer new communication from the outside, and it will be spent on handling mail and problems accumulated during absence.

One thing to keep in mind, Cook emphasizes, is that 'nobody expects to work as hard as they did from the first day of the return of digital detox.' Cook said that lowering the hurdles within himself and thinking 'I can't do my to-do list perfectly from the first day of return' is necessary when returning from a long refresh vacation.

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