Floppy disks are still used in government agencies in the United States


The Federal Register(Federal Gazette), the US Government Printing Office (GPO) does not allow the use of SD cards / USB flash memory when exchanging data with related organizations, even now even with a floppy disk or CD-ROM We are exchanging data.

Slowly They Modernize - A Federal Agency That Still Uses Floppy Disks - NYTimes.com

Federal publications are publications for publicizing announcements of conferences based on presidential documents, federal regulations, draft rules, notifications, and meeting disclosure laws, and are published daily except on holidays. All the documents stipulated to be advertised are posted, but not all of the documents created by the Federal agencies are posted.

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When exchanging between GPOs that publish this bulletin and related organizations, information from GPOs is received on a floppy disk, and USB memory or SD cards must not be used when submitting documents, CD-ROM It is said that you have to save it on a floppy disk and submit it.

Even desktop PCs are increasingly not equipped with floppy disk drives, but as some of the government does not have security requirements, it seems that the Fed will only accept it. By the way, the reason why the security requirement is not defined is considered to be "It takes awfully long time for the government to make a decision."


GPO'sDavita Vance-CookCEO attended Congressional hearing and said, "We are developing mobile applications in the Federal Gazette, and despite the fact that there is a secure mail system with a digital signature, we still submit information with signed documents to relevant organizations Also, USB memory and SD cards are prohibited, and exchange is done with CD-ROM or floppy drive ", reveals a poor efficiency of work.

One of the reasons for this is the reduction of the federal budget, and some government agencies are not able to move to safe e-mail software using public keys. As a result, the data is still exchanged on a floppy disk and sent by Takkyubin. A GPO spokesperson did not reveal where the institution that continues to use the floppy disk still has revealed, but there are places where switching from the floppy disk to the CD-ROM has come out among them.


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