It is reported that `` Amazon official store sells counterfeit goods ''


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Mail order cannot directly check the quality and condition of the product, so people are concerned about the possibility of damage. However, Amazon has even reported that not only poor-quality products, but also ' Amazon official store sells counterfeit goods '.

It has been pointed out that Amazon has long sold banned, recalled, and counterfeit products on the ' Amazon Marketplace ' that sells products sold by third parties other than Amazon.

Pointed out that Amazon continues to sell banned goods, recall goods, counterfeit goods that lead to danger of life-gigazine


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But Bill Pollock , founder of publisher No Starch Press , reports that not only the marketplace, but even the Amazon official store sells counterfeit goods . One example is a paperback version of a programming book called The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design 1st Edition. This book is a product sold and delivered by official, not a third-party sales company. The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design (8601404372872): Norman Matloff: Books

The product delivered to a customer was not only different from the official description on, but also a fake product with a lot of strange things in the first place. The official stated that the size of the book was 9 inches long × 7 inches wide (about 23 cm × 18 cm wide), but the arrived book was 11 inches × 9 inches (about 28 cm × 23 cm) The difference between the notation and the actual size is about 5cm each.

Looking inside, the surrounding white frame is thick and the design is broken.

Furthermore, the spine is pure white.

If you look at the genuine article in the same series as this book, you can see that the book title is listed on the spine.

The case where the Amazon official store deals with counterfeit goods is not limited to in the United States, but also occurs in in Japan. There is a report that a product purchased from the Amazon official store arrives in a clean white box without a JAN code or product name. There is no mark on the main unit.

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