I tried drinking a full-fledged cafe latte `` Daido Blend Demitathrate '' where the rich taste of milk stands out

DyDo DRINCO 's canned coffee “ Dydo Blend Demitasse ” series was reborn on September 9, 2019 (Monday), renewed existing products, and newly added “ Dydo Blend Demitrate Latte ”. With the increase in large-capacity bottled coffee, we continued to use the short canned coffee size and said, “We are pursuing a deep and authentic taste,” so I tried it.

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The package has a simple and luxurious design. The Demitas Series uses coffee beans called “Premium Beans” that have been approved as “Premium” by the Fair Trade Council of the National Coffee Beverage .

We are particular about the richness of milk and fresh cream, and milk and cream are also included in the ingredients. The content is 150g.

Since energy is 49kcal per 100g, it is about 74kcal at 150g capacity.

If you pour it into a cup, the scent of coffee will float gently. Brighter shades due to milk.

When you drink it, the sweetness of fresh cream spreads all over your mouth, tightening the latte taste of a bittersweet coffee. Demitaslate was said to be particular about the richness of milk ingredients, and overall it had a strong taste of milk. Although it is a short can, it is a small amount, but because it has a rich taste that emphasizes milk and cream, it is a satisfactory finish with a small amount.

Compared with “

Dydo Blend Demitas Coffee ”, Demitas Coffee has a deep richness of coffee on the front and the sweetness of milk remains in the back mouth.

Demitaslate was much brighter, probably because it contained a lot of milk. Even with a lot of milk, the taste of coffee did not disappear, and it was a dish that felt a strong commitment to coffee beans.

“Daido Blend Demitaslate” can be purchased at vending machines, convenience stores, mass retailers, etc. throughout Japan, and the price is 115 yen excluding tax. At Amazon.co.jp, 30 sets were available for purchase at 2880 yen including tax when the article was posted.

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