Obviously a new sleep tracking function will be added to Apple Watch


Daniel Korpai

Since Apple acquired Beddit , which develops sleep tracking apps, it has been rumored that 'sleep tracking will be added to Apple Watch'. From the information independently acquired by 9to5Mac that reports Apple-related news, it is clear that Apple has been working on the development of the sleep tracking function that has been rumored for a long time.

Apple Watch sleep tracking revealed: sleep quality, battery, more-9to5Mac

According to information that 9to5Mac has obtained from Apple insiders, Apple is working on developing sleep tracking for Apple Watch. This sleep tracking feature does not require any special hardware and will be announced at a new product launch event on September 10th . In addition to this, Apple is also expected to announce a new Apple Watch to which ceramic and titanium models will be added .

The code name of the sleep tracking function under development by Apple is called 'Burrito' and internally called 'Time in Bed tracking'. The Time in Bed tracking function can be used by entering the bed while wearing the Apple Watch. If you have two or more Apple Watches, you can sleep accurately by wearing one and sleeping without wearing the other, and exchanging data between the two Apple Watches. You can do it.

The problem with the Time in Bed tracking feature is that many users charge the Apple Watch at night, making it impossible to charge the Apple Watch. Therefore, it is said that Apple is developing a function to allow users to charge the Apple Watch in advance and spend it at night, but details are unknown.

by Daniel Cañibano

With the emergence of the sleep tracking function, it seems that sleep related functions for Apple Watch will also be enhanced. For example, if you sleep with your Apple Watch on, the alarm will automatically turn off when you wake up, and the alarm will only play on your Apple Watch when you go to bed. Regarding the alarm, there is also an option called silent alarm that just vibrates Apple Watch, and a function that automatically puts the terminal into silent mode when the user goes to sleep.

In addition, it is unknown at the time of article creation whether the sleep tracking function for Apple Watch will be a function that can only be used with the new Apple Watch announced at the new product announcement event to be held on September 10, 2019 .

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