I tried Starba's “Strawberry Milk”, “Peach Milk”, and “Peach Pink Fruit with Peach Jerry” for a limited time with Jerry's texture.

A new flavor of “ Peach Pink Fruit with Peach Jelly ” will be available for a limited time on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 in the “

Chilled Cup ” series where you can easily enjoy Starbucks taste at convenience stores. It is said that it is a drink that can be drunk like a dessert, adding the texture of peach jelly to the scent of several kinds of pink fruits such as peach, strawberry, etc. I tried drinking and checking what kind of taste it is .

Starbucks® Peach Pink Fruit with Peach Jelly | Starbucks Coffee Japan

The package of “Peach Pink Fruit with Peach Jelly” (219 yen tax not included) is based on pink, and illustrations such as peach and strawberry are drawn. The dome-shaped overcap is reminiscent of Starbucks Frappuccino.

The type of drink is “milk drinks”. The content is 180g and raw materials are raw milk (less than 50%), sugar, dairy products, thigh juice, salt / flavor, etc.

The only fruit juice used is the thigh, which says, 'The flavor of strawberry,

guava and pink grapefruit is due to flavor.'

The percentage of thigh juice is 9%.

The energy per one is 115kcal.

If you open the inner pig in the cap ...

The drink inside is like this. The color of the drink was not pink.

You can see that the drink contains a small cut jelly.

When you drink with the included straw, you will first feel the creamy milk, but the overall taste is refreshing with a refreshing scent of fruit. Although the fragrance feels strong as a fragrance, you can understand the aftertaste of the strawberry well, and you can taste the complex fruit flavor that is not just the peach. In addition, fine jelly grains were sucked up along with the drink, so I was able to enjoy the texture of jelly.

“Peach Pink Fruit with Peach Jerry” has a suggested retail price of 219 yen excluding tax, and has been available at convenience stores nationwide since August 20, 2019.

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