Summary of how to deliver information to people who want 'I want!'

GIGAZINE uses about 100 million PV news media per month to create article advertisements to deliver information to people who want it! Since GIGAZINE's article materials and price lists have been updated, we have summarized how to use them.

GIGAZINE's article advertisements are roughly divided into 4 types: “I tried to use”, “I tried to go”, “I tried to eat”, and “I tried to listen”. By actually reviewing web services and products and reporting events, readers have a simulated experience and are good at delivering information to people who have been waiting for this!

◆ How to make an article?
GIGAZINE disseminates information based on the philosophy of “ anything has potential ”. There are always things you won't notice when looking from within a company or organization. Even if you say 'This is absolutely good and I want to tell many people, but I don't have a chance', or if 'I don't think they will be well known or impacted' .

Advertisement inquiry -GIGAZINE-

It is like this when the flow to the completion of the article advertisement is simply illustrated.

The price varies depending on the course, so you can choose a course that suits your schedule and budget.

◆ Who makes the article?
GIGAZINE articles are created by professional reporters, editors, and photographers who create hundreds of articles per year.

Create all kinds of review articles such as gadgets, software, games, home appliances, foods, interviews, editorial staff who cover various events, create articles to maximize the potential hidden in products and services doing.

One of the “try-to-use systems” of the past year is “lowest”, a mail order price search service. By carefully sticking to the creation of “Tonto User-oriented / User-oriented” articles, we are delivering information to people who have been waiting for this! You can also use SNS to further spread articles.

What is “Lowest” that allows you to cross-search the lowest price while earning points specializing in Rakuten / Amazon / Yahoo! Shopping? -GIGAZINE

One of the strengths of the article is that there are no character restrictions or length restrictions, so you can thoroughly review both software and hardware.

Free & simple & high sound quality call possible & virtual currency (Bitcoin) and application that can be exchanged for Amazon gift certificate `` SkyPhone '' thorough review-GIGAZINE

Some of these are not included in the 'systems I have tried', 'systems I have tried', 'systems I ate', and 'systems I have heard'. The online study course summary article is one of the most popular.

Udemy New Year campaign that learns quickly with videos, summarizing 10 major technology courses in 2019 such as explosion speed development, machine learning, IoT and AI fusion in the cloud-GIGAZINE

Even a little strange, until the bullet trip report to the undeveloped land.

Exactly what happened, I tried to check the actual situation of Tau Island solar power generation with 100% Tesla with the powerful technique of the island [Interlink Domain Island Tour 12th '.as']-GIGAZINE

The publication period of the article is “indefinite” , and it is possible to leave information in search engine search results semi-permanently, so “I want to raise product awareness”, “I want to put products on top of search results”, “Branding in the future 'We want to go on' and propose a wide range of cuts to meet your needs.

What kind of person is a GIGAZINE reader?
If you look roughly, it looks like this. (Note: Information as of July 2019)

When you hear “80% of men”, it looks like “I won't hit the home appliance review article ...”, but even for regular articles that are not article advertisements, home appliance reviews and cooking are actually one of the popular articles. (Note: The following is not an article advertisement)

I actually tried using `` moy frying pan '' that grills delicious meat enough to repaint the values of `` baking meat ''-GIGAZINE

...... Because of the nature of GIGAZINE that 'it is not limited to one genre, but is sending a wide range of information one after another', its readers are 'curiosity' 'sensitive to new things' 'knowledge Because there is a common point of 'great' and 'greedy for learning'. So, articles that do not seem to be hit at first glance are spread firmly and can be used as leads to products.

For more detailed information request & questions & 'What kind of articles do you actually have in my case?'

Advertisement inquiry -GIGAZINE-

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