Does chamomile tea improve sleep?



Chamomile tea , dried with chamomile flowers and poured in hot water, is said to have a good rest and relaxation effect and is loved by people all over the world. Science media Live Science summarizes whether such chamomile tea really has a good sleep effect.

Does Drinking Chamomile Tea Help People Fall Asleep? | Live Science

Many people believe that drinking chamomile tea before bedtime improves sleep and allows you to sleep well. Associate professor Eric Chow, who studies sleep at Harvard Medical School, pointed out that 'texts and records of people using chamomile as a sleep remedy have existed for hundreds of years'.

Although it is a chamomile tea that has been said to have a good sleep effect for a long time, there is no clear conclusion that it actually helps sleep. “There is very little research on the effects of chamomile tea on sleep, but it is known to have a modest effect on people with insomnia.”

In a study conducted in 2011, people with chronic insomnia were asked to drink a capsule containing chamomile extract and a capsule containing no chamomile ingredients as a control experiment. I examined what kind of difference it was. In this study, subjects who drank capsules with chamomile ingredients showed a slight improvement in the time to sleep and the frequency of waking up at night, but were not significantly different from those in the control group. That's right.


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On the other hand, a study conducted in 2016 found that young mothers who took chamomile tea every day for two weeks sleep better and less likely to depression than mothers who did not take chamomile tea. I understand. Furthermore, in a 2017 study , it was confirmed that elderly people who were inoculated with a high concentration of chamomile extract sleep better than those who were not inoculated with chamomile extract.

At the time of writing, there is no definitive study of the scientific effects of chamomile tea. Based on these results alone, Live Science points out that scientists cannot affirm or deny the theory that 'chamomile tea has the effect of improving sleep.'

However, Mr. Chow points out that just by being aware that “I am taking a chamomile tea that has a good sleep effect”, people's sleep may be improved. “If that person feels they are doing something to get a good night's sleep,” he says, “the person will feel less stress related to sleep,” Chow says. The quality of sleep is influenced by many factors, including stress at home and at work, continuing to watch bright screens on smartphones and PCs before going to bed, and room temperature and humidity. It seems that having a habit of drinking chamomile tea slowly before going to bed can alleviate various stresses and provide good sleep.

A Family Medicine Associate Professor of the University of Michigan Susanna logic says, 'chamomile tea is very safe to drink. If the chamomile tea has given a good influence on such as your sleep, need to interrupt the drink There is no such thing, ”he said, even though the scientific effects are unconfirmed, the habit of drinking chamomile tea is good.

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