`` JoJo's Bizarre Adventure '' animation latest plan OVA `` Kishibe Rohan does not move '' new work decision decided

As the latest plan of the anime series of `` JoJo's Bizarre Adventure '', the decision to produce the new work `` Repentance Room '' `` The Run '' of `` Ryoko Kishibe does not move '' which 2 episodes have been OVA so far has been announced It was.

'Ryoko Kishibe does not move' new OVA 'confession room' 'The Run' production decision & nationwide six-city screening tour miracle memoir holding decision ban PV-YouTube

We have also decided to hold a tour “Kikiki Sanmonroku” to screen these 2 OVA works in 6 cities nationwide. The tour will include a special talk show with Takahiro Sakurai, who plays the role of Rohan Kishibe. Advance reception for tickets will start on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

The tour schedule is as follows.
December 8, 2019 (Sun): Tokyo TFT HALL 1000 (Performance twice a day and night)
January 19, 2020 (Sun): Nagoya Zepp Nagoya (Performance twice a day and night)
February 9, 2020 (Sun): Osaka Mielparque Hall (Performance twice a day and night)
February 23, 2020 (Sun): Hiroshima Ueno Gakuen Hall
March 8, 2020 (Sunday): Sendai SENDAI GIGS
March 29, 2020 (Sun): Omiya Sonic City Large Hall

No guest other than Mr. Sakurai has been announced. Mr. Sakurai has received the following comments.

“Kishibe dew does not move” moves.
I'm really happy to be able to taste the best of the world with the best mud.
Travel around Japan on the “Screening Tour” !!!
Let's step into his strange world!
You like Jojo! I have to look at the taste properly ...

This is the third OVA version of “Kishibe dew does not move”. The first work is “Fugo-mura”, a 2017 “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamonds Can't Break” Blu-ray & DVD purchase bonus.

Part 4 Blu-ray & DVD whole volume purchase bonus 'Ryu Kishibe does not move' (episode: Fugo Village) 60 seconds PV-YouTube

The second film is “Rokukazaka”, which was included in the special edition of the second volume of the book released in July 2018.

OVA `` Kishibe Rohan does not move '' episode # 02 Rokubezaka PV-YouTube

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