"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" that Joseph itself, Shin-Ishizuka and others appeared The 7th Premier Screening Report

The seventh of the "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" premiere screening held at movie theaters in various places in Japan was held on February 21 (Saturday) at TOHO Cinema's 2nd article in Kyoto. It appeared as a guest, this is the first participation of the screeningYu Ishizuka(Role as Joseph Joe Star) andMisato FukuneenMr. (Iggy role). Even at the screenings so far, it has been told how stuff and cast are full of Jojo Ai, but Fujin's participation from the second half of all the 4 courses is revisited, and at the end of casting it is sweaty It has revealed the intense scene that it is becoming.

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TOHO Cinemas 2 rows of the venue

This time, the movie theater specially made a merchandise corner, and this day's limited goods sale was done.

Bracelets, room wear, towels, towels, etc.

In addition, Converse's sneakers too. It will not be possible to wear as much as a fan person because it will be to step on Jotaro when wearing as it is.

Mr. Fukuren, Mr. Ishizuka, the anime writer who served as moderatorAizu KobayashiMr.

Ishizuka-san is role of SeitarouOno DaisukeHe appeared wearing a hat that he got from him. Joseph Joestar It was as if the person was coming.

About Kyoto, the venue, Mr. Ishizuka from Fukui Prefecture seems to have come to play for a while as a friend was in college days. One Mr. Fukuen was about to come to New Year, but at that time I could not do much sightseeing, so I enjoyed sightseeing until this time. According to Twitter, it is in Tenryu-jiShiseido (Shigetsu)He seems to have eaten vigorous dishes at Arashiyama, and Ishizuka-san has tried to ride a rickshaw ride together.

Among the talks screened this time, 30 story and 31 story are before and after the drawing which describes the fight with Mariah with the stand of "Bastet Goddess". Mr. Ishizuka who does not know the original was originally looking forward to being explained as "a story involving Mariah as a young woman", but in reality it is a role that is wielded by the stand of Bastet Goddess with Abdul "Hey, this is it. I heard he thought that he was a comedian!

In 30 episodes, Kaigyo-ji who was hospitalized after injuring both eyes in the fight against Gebu God after arriving in Egypt, was drawn to appear to be returning to the battle line soon.

The main character of the episode is Joseph. Meet "WIND" wind-free toilet without washing "OH NO !!"

After that, Joseph received a mysterious outlet at a place left from the toilet and was attacked by the Bastet Goddess stand while he was unaware. It is only the beginning that the crown of the cola finished drinking on his back is stuck ... ....

Mariah, the stand of "Bastet Goddess" who appeared in front of Joseph. It is not the case that I can not be mindful of that "Gun Bat's Leg" ....

After the end of 30 episodes, a talk part with Ustream relay was caught.

Jojo's scene has a lot of love of Jojo, which is often said in the past premiere screening, but Fukuro says not only does Jojo like it but everyone's voice is sweating It is said that he plays with scratching. According to Mr. Ishizuka, the reason for this is as follows: In the first episode, the voice actors of the three men who raised the coffin of DIO who came out before the main characters such as Saitaro and Joseph appeared appeared in the tension As I played in MAX, it seems that it is like this because of the thought that "I can not lose that".

Fukuaki who joined from the second half of the game is surprised to see a line that voices vigorously even in the fight against Nundool, even with the use of the stand of "Gebu God" who will be detected unless it is quiet in towns and airplanes. He said that it is an exciting site where "sound pressure is such thing" can be realized.

Also, Mr. Ono and Miyake-san were told that "If you want something like Ryuukakari or some other kind of candy," I was asked, "Would it be necessary to say so much?", Really needed site That was. It might be a battleground beyond what we imagine ... ....

As represented by Mr. Ono's "Oraora", Hanakyo-shon role, Daisuke Hirakawa's "Lerollo", the line that appears in the works is reproduced to the number of characters Jojo. Therefore, Mr. Fukuzen decided to match Iggie's songs. Mr. Ono seems to know that he has a counter in his head and knows how many times he is oraurating.

Mr. Ishizuka is paying attention to the small "っ" as there are no serifs that can be hardly numbered like "Oraora", "Lerollo" and "Yigi".

As I mentioned before, Ishizuka-san who did not know the original did not know what kind of enemy will come next, so I am excited and waiting, when a voice actor from the guest came, "Is this this person?" I am surprised and enjoyed. By the way, at the time of Death 13 (Mannish / Boy) where Kaga-shuin was active, before casting "If this is usefulYukie OtaniWill not it be Mr.? He made predictions and made it hit.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fukuzen was surprised to see himself playing "The Fool" as he saw the script because he did not know that Cast would also do the role of a stand. The Iggy and The Fool's can badge comes with the Ultra Jump March issue released on February 19. Just the last 9 volumes of JOJORION came out, now you can draw a can badge with a bookstore.

In addition, toys that launched on March 3 also appeared in the hall. Mr. Fukuyen has Hermit Purple, Ishizuka-san's right hand is Joseph.

, The screening of the remaining 31 episodes (unpublished in the Kansai area) and 32 episodes (preliminary screening) was done from here.

Joseph, and Abdul who was also attacked by Bastet Goddess, the body becomes a magnet, trying to chase Mariah, but each other's body sticks and it does not go well.

"If the faces are stuck together, thinking from the nature of the magnet with S pole and N pole, if you bring your face to your feet, you should leave," Joseph's idea of ​​trying to do it is likely to be misunderstood In a state ... ....

The two who separated somehow catch up with Mariah.

Mariah looks at this extraordinary. What are the two people trying to fight Mariah with ...?

The story of 32 talk depicts what happened to Kotaro and Pornaref in the time zone overlapping just 30 story and 31 story. They are two people waiting for Joseph to go for breakfast, but I guess they may have been attacked by the stands as they will not come out forever. Joseph and Avdul are fighting Mariah with just this time because they did not have the appearance of two people in the room so they will go to the town, but at this moment Josef and Avdol are fighting Mariah, using a stand of "Seto god" for Pornaref aiming at the gap Alessi is approaching. In this story, you can see unusual service cuts in JoJo with few service cuts for the current animation.

Mr. Ishizuka who saw 30 episodes, 31 st stories and 32 talks with customers this time is usually doing it in the studio, so it is fresh that everyone's reactions can be seen and it is fresh for the future performance I also said that it became a stimulus.

Mr. Fukuen seemed to not only watch alone in the room alone, but also realized the pleasure of seeing everyone in this way just like at the time of after-recording.

Events filled with 3 episodes of screening and talks end in about a couple of hours.

Mr. Ishizuka, who leaves after the event, was full of Joseph.

By the way, with regard to "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", following the event held in Pacifico Yokohama in October 2014, it was decided to hold the second event at the Tokyo International Forum on Saturday, October 24 this year. Daisuke Ono Daisuke's Personality Radio "Oraoragio" CD 1st volume and opening theme "Jojo ~ That Blood Memory ~" CD is also on sale. game"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven"Is currently being delivered, and a smartphone game"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Shooters"Currently SR Joseph Joestar (Part 3) During the distribution campaign, there are plenty of developments.

Also, regarding the premiere screening, Mr. Ishizuka says "Hokkaido in the summer", Fukuzawa says "Hope of Taiwan or Okinawa and so on" and so forth, and will be continued in the future. On official websitePremier screening mapSince it appeared, please wait looking forward to where the next one is.

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