"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Premier Screening Report with 4 Cool (1 Year) Broadcasting Announced

TV anime broadcast from April 2014 "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders"Premier screening was held on Odaiba Cinema Medage on the 20th. At the screening, screening of the episode 2 and 5 of the episode that had been broadcast so far and the episode 12 "Empress (Empress)" in the form of pioneering television broadcasting was conducted, Talk by Daisuke Ono and Mr. Tsuda Naokatsu of the director was held.

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Of the screening, a part of the talk was also distributed on Ustream.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Premiere Screening

There were also cases that Mr. Ono appeared in the event and the number of female customers was very large, and cheers came as Mr. Ono entered. As if to respond to this, Mr. Ono took the same pose that Yutaro is doing in OP, and furthermore show off the speech of Yutaro with "This is Amazing!

This time Mr. Ono who wore a dress like Kimekime. In the dressing room seems to have been taken as "Jonathan rather than Jintaro", and continued JoJo standings such as Jonathan, Jorno, and Saitaro and showed off.

The second episode and the fifth episode were screened following Talk by Mr. Osamu Kobayashi and Ms. Ono. Mr. Ono who is also a big JoJo fan briefly introduced his point of view, "The second episode was a strained melon", "The fifth episode is Horehore Rush".

The second episode is the time Bittaro and Hanazono go battle at school.

And the fifth episode is Avdol vs Pornaref in Hong Kong.

After the screening, an intermediate talk corner where Ustream distribution was also done was done. Director Tanukatsu Tsuda also participates from this corner.

Looking at collaboration cans with the micro sugar of Georgia Emerald Mountain Emerald Mountain crisp that starts on June 24, "I can not drink with a waste ... good, drink!" Ando-san. Anyway I will serve you.

The 2nd episode · 5th episode which was screened this time is not 2.ch for TV but 2.1ch, so the bass sounds like a bass in the scene where writing letters of "Gogogogogo" appears. As represented by the written letters, the animated version which reproduces the original manga of Hirohiko Araki as faithfully as possible is a considerable thing about the maker, "Is this like this?" It seems that production is proceeding while checking manga.

If cartoons are drawn from one direction too, 360 degrees is required for animation, so, for example, about an unusual hairstyle girl who is talking about "Busu!" "Pechapai!" Comes out in the second episode "Is it like this?", Reproduced Araki world thoroughly. Also, where Star platin punches Hierophant Green, there was a scene that "original fingers are folded one at a time to make a fist, and beat with it," which is not in the original, but this is the first episode, star platinum is Avdoll's Because it missed the magicians red, it was said that it was drawn with "a first stop as a star platinum".

On the casting side, there are gorgeous voice actors who can know the name on the enemy side as well, but thinking that the artistic part of the original is linked to live action, cast it like a foreign movie dubbing Because it is. Cast of the enemies from here which have not yet come out can have a lot of expectation.

In this event, the web radio "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Ora Radio"Will be released on July 4th (Friday). Since I have not recorded the first time yet, "I want you to send me e-mails even now."

Aoizumi | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Ora Radio!

In addition to this, following this, "Although I came up to 34 original stories at the current stage, there are 152 original stories in the original, what do you do?" Tsuda Director asked "4 cool (There is."It was also revealed that it is a work to be broadcasted for one year. According to Mr. Ono, the dubbing at the present time entered the second cool place, and the role of Kaito-kyo who knew the cast of the role of Death 13, Mr. Daisuke Hirakawa seems to have been getting a lot of tension. of course,All the stands appearing in the original appearIt will be.

Mr. Ono took a pose even during the Ust relay.

After the end of the relay, the preliminary screening of the twelfth episode "Empress (Empress)" was performed, and laughter was rolling from the audience to the shocking appearance of Pornaref near the end.

Mr. Ono who likes Jojo likes growing to the surroundings and stops grinning finally said "Love Jojo from now on, let's continue to inherit Jojo love to the next generation," Jojo's generations of generations I concluded the event with words like stories. By the way, the event is not limited this time and it is said that there are plans to be held again. The schedule will be published on the official website, so if you want to see the Ono-san's Jojo standing by the person who is not the one who could not go this time but the next time, please check the official Twitter account and the official website .

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The 2nd Premiere Screening held on July 31 was like this.

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" is divided by 4 quarters of division and the 2nd Premier Screening Report - GIGAZINE

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