A puzzle game "0h n0" goes by color-coding all the dots with numerals as clues

Puzzle game where hints are made with only numbers displayed on the screen and all the dots are painted blue and red0h n0"(Oh no) is. 0h n 0 has become a multi-platform game which can be played with PC browser and smartphone application.

0h n0

This is the play screen of "0h n0". Blue and red dots are displayed on the screen, and it is aimed at dividing all blank dots into blue or red, in addition to the numbers written on the blue dots.

Oh nO has 4 different stage sizes from 5 × 5 to 8 × 8. As the number increases, the degree of difficulty will increase as well, so it is perfect for testing the skill.

◆ Installation & How to Play
To play "0h n0", click the above URL in case of PC browser. Since the application has been released for smartphones,IPhone, iPad this link, OrAndroid this linkTap to install the application.

0h n0 has a tutorial on how to play. Click "How to play" on the screen.

Two kinds of dots, blue and red, appear in 0h n0. Blue dots can "see" the blue dots in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Red dots work to block the visibility of blue dots.

A number is displayed in the blue dot and it indicates how many blue dots need to be "visible" from that dot.

In the case of the dot written as "2" in the upper left, since the bottom is blocked by red, it is only the right side that can hold the blue dot ......

Tap these two dots once to change it to blue.

Change the two dots to blue, then place red dots to block visibility. Tap twice to place a red dot.

The condition "2" on the upper left is satisfied. Next, by making the upper right dot a red dot, it has been decided that the dot visible from "1" below it is "3" further below it.

So, we turn the dots to the left of "1" red and stop the line of sight.

Then, the left and right visibility of "3" on the left was obstructed. Since there is already one blue dot on the top ......

The only remaining is the two dots under it. Let's tap once to change it to blue.

In this way, we will change all the colors. The remaining three dots.

In the lower right "3", the bottom is blocked by red dots, so you can only see the top and the left. So change the dot on the left to blue, then stop at the left with red.

Then, since "1" in the lower left is only left, if you stop the last dot in red ... ...

"Super!(Sue!) "And the stage clearely brilliant. 0h n 0 is a game that fills vacant dots with the numbers as described above.

The actual stage is like this. In this case, first of all, it is ...

A dot written "2". Since the left and right are already sandwiched by blue dots, you can stop the tip of the upper and lower dots with red.

In the lower left "2", I only have to go to the right, so put two blue and stop in red.

"3" is blocked on the right so you can only go up and down.

If you do not know how to do it, you can give a hint by tapping the eye icon at the bottom of the screen. In this case, the dots to be hinted are highlighted with a black thick line and "If you move in one direction, it will exceed the number"Was displayed. Certainly, going down will result in two blue dots out.

So the only option is to stop the bottom with red and put blue on the left.

As the top of "3" was blocked in red, change the bottom left to blue.

Since one is already visible in the upper left "1", it is confirmed that the lower dot is red.

In the middle "4", if you turn blue on the top, the number will over so you have to go down.

And fill the last dot with red ... ....

"Yay!(Yeah!) "It is a superb stage clearance!

As you clear the stage clearance, points will be added according to the results. When you tap the icon like the medal of the home screen, the clear task is marked so that you can check the progress of the game. (Screen is for iPad)

Like this, Oh n O sometimes needs some tricks at first, but when you think carefully you can definitely have a game that you can clear. The exhilaration feeling when clearing the 8 × 8 stage is exceptional so it seems to be a challenge.

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