US Department of Justice Conducts Antitrust Violation Investigation against Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

The antitrust department of the US Justice Department , which monitors under the antitrust law (antitrust law), has announced in a statement that it will start investigations against giant technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

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The US Justice Department 'is examining whether market-leading online platforms are achieving market power, reducing competition, impeding innovation or otherwise damaging them.' Presentation. 'The Justice Department's survey examines the broad concerns that consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs have expressed about search, social media and online retail services,' he said. Although it is unclear whether it will be done, the Wall Street Journal apparently seems to be examining the survey targeting Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

'The power of the business can lead to working in a way that does not respond to consumer demand. The department's antitrust investigation explores this important issue,' said Makan Delrahim, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Antitrust. I answered. The Wall Street Journal asked technology companies to comment on the issue, but Twitter declined to comment, and Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook did not respond.

Criticism of the huge monopoly of technology companies is growing day by day. In particular, Democratic Congressman Elizabeth Warren, who is also a presidential candidate, has called for a review of antitrust laws and organizational reform of large technology companies, saying 'Amazon and Google should be divided.'

Removed clause that forces Amazon to 'lowest price', presidential candidate voices 'Amazon should be dismantled'-GIGAZINE

In February 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also set up a special committee to investigate technology companies such as Facebook and Apple under the anti-trust law, and a headwind against major technology companies Is believed to be blowing. As a result, on July 23, 2019, the overtime transaction reported that the stock prices of Google's parent company Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon fell by around 2%.

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