A movie that makes Dwayne Johnson's too fucking CG scene that was played more than 5 million times a week with the latest VFX technology

In modern video production, '

VFX ', which processes live-action video with computer graphics and compositing processing, has become an indispensable position. However, VFX also requires the ability of creators, so sometimes a movie that makes you think, 'This is a little...' is sometimes created. Corridor Digital, who makes a creative movie with a blunt concept, corrected the VFX scene where The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson appeared.

We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever-YouTube

The moderator of this time is Nico Pringer, one of the founders of Corridor Digital.

Niko announced as 'Do you know the worst VFX scene in the world?', the appearance scene of Scorpion King played by Dwayne Johnson in '

Hamnaptra / The Golden Pyramid '.

'Of course, this isn't the worst VFX video tournament champion. But it's clear that CG Dwayne Johnson is a stupid face.'

In the comment section of Corridor Digital, it was said that there were a lot of posts saying 'Please manage the look of Scorpion King!'.

That's why he started a project to shape Dwayne Johnson's Scorpion King in just one day, in between the usual schedules.

First of all, from the places where Corridor Digital participating in the project actually watches the scene in question.

The VFX scene in question

started in about 34 seconds . In the darkness, a shadow that doesn't seem to belong to humans emerges...

Introducing Scorpion King. However, the facial expression is kind of flat.

The facial expressions of Corridor Digital die due to the terrible appearance of the scene.

This is the look when you are up. It also looks like a cartoon character.

First of all, from the discussion of which part of the image should be improved. 'The animation of the Scorpion King's limbs is amazing, it's great. The light that hits the body is really good,' says Nico.

'But the human face means that we need a little more complicated technology.'

'The Scorpion King's look doesn't seem to be in sync with the movement at all. It makes the look unnatural.'

'In this scene, the right half of the face looks happy, but...'

'The left half is angry'

'It's also a problem that the Scorpion King is floating compared to other casts who are actually acting in front of the camera.'

'In this scene, the characters are sweaty because it is an action scene where flames are placed as a background. It makes the skin look shiny, though...'

'The Scorpion King has a waxy or plastic-like texture on the skin. Human skin has uneven colors and light and shade of light, but the Scorpion King's skin is too smooth and flat. I'm crazy'

'Here, the light hitting the Scorpion King is different from other casts.'

'Because the flame is the light source, it looks like this person is getting a really hot light.'

'On the other hand, the light striking the Scorpion King does not feel any temperature.'

The members will correct the identified problems by making the most of their specialty. 'Sam, who are you in charge of?' Nico said.

'I'll try to make the Scorpion King feel more weight first, and I'll rewrite the light hits to make the Scorpion King better match the actual background,' Sam said.

“It should be the only light source in this scene, but the flames aren't really weighted,” says Peter.

'I'll recalculate the light source effect so that the light from the flame actually hits people and things.'

Clint-san commented, 'Scorpion King comes out of the ancient door in this scene, but it doesn't look like the ancient door.'

'When the Scorpion King touches this door, I will add 'oldness' as if the ashes of Egyptian ghosts spill through the door.'

Nico is planning to improve the look of Scorpion King that appears in the PS2 game.

'I have decided how to repair my facial expression,' he says with full confidence.

Each member has a work tool...

The project started.

Members are immersed in their work. Only one day was given.

There was also a detailed explanation of the work contents. Sam said that he added shaking to the image to improve that the movement of Scorpion King was too smooth in the original scene.

Sam is also in charge of writing. 'People's faces haven't been matted. The Scorpion King has been trapped in the catacombs for a long time, so their faces shouldn't be washable or greasy. It becomes white'

'Adding 'unevenness' to make the texture of the skin smoother. Putting noise on the skin makes it possible to express the natural roughness of human skin, and it will be much better.'

Nico's part is to manage the expression of Scorpion King's face.

The method is to utilize the real-time image synthesis technology 'deep fake' using machine learning. In order to use DeepFake, face data of various original facial expressions is required.

However, the face of Dwayne Johnson around 2000-2001 when 'Hamnaputra 2 / Golden Pyramid' was shot and the face of 2019 are quite different, so if you synthesize the material as of 2019 into Scorpion King It will be unnatural.

The solution Niko came up with was to use the expression of Dwayne Johnson in the spin-off movie '

Scorpion King ' of 'Hamnaputra 2/The Golden Pyramid' released in 2002. Since this movie is a work of 'Hamnaputra 2/Golden Pyramid', which is positioned the day before, the problem scene and makeup are common. Moreover, the expression of Dwayne Johnson in the movie Scorpion King is natural without using CG, and the optimal conditions for composing this movie are available.

Niko said he extracted all of Dwayne Johnson's face from the movie Scorpion King to make it a synthetic material. I loaded those facial scenes into a deep fake and composited them into a movie.

A modified version of the Scorpion King appearance scene, completed with the achievements of each member, is from 9 minutes 15 seconds of the movie, you can see it immediately by clicking the following.

We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever-YouTube

The face of Scorpion King that appeared while hitting the ancient door is like a human.

The skin's shining condition is as if the light from the flame were shining on an actual human being.

And the most important thing is how the facial expression moves. It makes it possible for you to squint and gaze at your eyes, peel your eyes, and change your noble expression like laughing with your nose.

The added BGM can perfectly express that 'something scary appears from the bottom of the darkness...'. The dust and sway of the camera when pushing the doors of ancient times seems to show the weight and strength of the Scorpion King in the image.

The light from the flame has also been recalculated.

The original (left) and the modified (right) side by side look like this. You can clearly see that face graphics, skin shine, facial expressions, etc. are different things.

'Hannaputra 2/The Golden Pyramid' was produced around 2000, and at that time there was no VFX method such as deep fake. This movie shows the goodness of the members of Corridor Digital, and at the same time, it can be said that it has shown considerable technological progress in the video industry in the last 20 years.

In addition to this, Corridor Digital has released a number of movies with unusual ideas that use VFX, such as movies that robots of Boston Dynamics fight back against humanity.

A parody movie in which the Boston Dynamics robot that has been played more than 5 million times finally starts a counterattack against humanity-GIGAZINE

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