Anyone can fight against the strongest AI 'AlphaStar' in 'Star Craft 2'

DeepMin, who created Go AI and AlphaGo, won the world's strongest

player, overwhelmed the top players in the AI 'AlphaStar' of the real-time strategy game ' StarCraft II ( StarCraft 2)'. It turned out that an option was introduced that would allow anyone to compete with AlphaStar for further study of this AlphaStar.

StarCraft II Official Game Site-DeepMind Research on Ladder

According to the Starcraft 2 official site, a 'DeepMind Opt-In' button will appear in the 1 vs 1 match menu from now on, and it will be able to fight with AlphaStar if it is clicked. You can switch on and off later freely.

It should be noted that even if it says 'become able to fight', it does not mean that AlphaStar can not always be selected as an opponent, and it seems that AlphaStar will be included in the opponent candidates. At that time, it seems that it is difficult for the player to know whether or not it has played against AlphaStar, since AlphaStar mixes as one of the anonymous players without revealing that 'I am AlphaStar'.

The reason for playing anonymously is that players have to fight in the same way as regular 1 vs 1 and there is a reason to match the conditions for each game as much as possible. It has not been disclosed how likely it is to play to maintain anonymity.

AlphaStar has already shown the power to overwhelm the top player, so if you simply play it as it is, there is a risk that it will not be a regular player. Because of this, it is said that AlphaStar to be incorporated has a limit on the number of effective actions per second and per minute. Although the specific number etc. are hidden, it seems to be considerably severer than the time of the demonstration at the time of winning the top player.

The 'DeepMind Opt-In' option is said to be in the European region, and plans to introduce it in other regions have not been disclosed so far.

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