China's strongest players who said "Go AI can not win against Lee Se-dul but win over me" will break Alpha Go

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AlphaGo (Alpha Go) developed by DeepMind, an artificial intelligence laboratory under Google, and China's strongest shogi playerKiyoshi(Katsu) The game with Kuroda is being held in China from May 23, 2017 local time "The Future of Go SummitIt was held in. Already, "AlphaGo can not win against me even if I can win against Lee Se-dul" Although Ke Kuzu was speaking, AlphaGo won the first round of the 3 races held on the 23rd.

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About AlphaGo March 9, 2016, the game against the top players · Lee Se-dul (Kuzu) was played in Seoul city of Korea,AlphaGo winsWhat I did was shocking the world. Following AlphaGo's victory over the first story, the 18-year-old Chinese chess player who was 18 years old at that time said, "Since I found that AlphaGo is weaker than I am from the game with Lee Se-dul, I do not want to copy it to AlphaGo, "he says," AlphaGo can not win against me even if I win against Lee Se-dul. " However, since AlphaGo won three consecutive victories in Cedor Nine, "AlphaGo is perfect and will not make a mistake, correcting the remarks if I have the same condition, I may be defeated."

"AlphaGo can not win against me even if I can win against Lee Se-dul" Car ranked top-ranked Car · Jie Nine-stage played against AlphaGo - GIGAZINE

And in the first race held on 23rd May 2017, Ke Ku struck a hand called "three entrants" conscious of AlphaGo. Three entries are preferred hands several decades ago, but not much in the current game. However, AlphaGo likes to enter three,AlphaGo won 60 consecutive victories in a privately held online gameAfter recording, it seems that it began to be used among players. And for Kefu 's three entries, AlphaGo returned a very "interesting hand". Meanwhile, Fan Hui of Chinese professional shogi players says "AlphaGo's hand is not" to create a position here and there "but to try to place a stone in the most convenient place It is a fundamental theory that instead of "Where do you want to create a position?" Rather than "How can I draw out the full potential of all the stones?"

AlphaGo won the game in half the gap although the game went on close battle. Ku said, "I am studying and preparing carefully for today's opponent, since I copied the hands AlphaGo liked in past games, I got into two trips at the beginning of the game It was very impressive that AlphaGo showed movements he did not anticipate and that AlphaGo showed movements that human beings can not do with humans was shocking. However, if you analyze the hand well, it is a very good hand that predicted two hands and three hands, like dropping two birds with one stone.This hand makes AlphaGo's strength AlphaGo's hands have valuable learning and adventure, the impact of AlphaGo is enormous, we should explore our thinking and extend our mindset. " doing.

Contents of the game between AlphaGo and Ke 9 can be reproduced on the following website.

AlphaGo China | DeepMind

Also, Deep Mind'sDemis HasabisCEO says, "I show respect for Mr. Kei who made a great opponent, it was an exciting game that I fought very closely.I also honor that Mr. Kei pushed AlphaGo's limit! AlphaGo thinks that AlphaGo is a tool that brings goagogasa and go communities to true go and finds more than it.The go players can play the game of last year I hope you enjoyed it, but I hope that it led to an understanding of this great game. "

The Future of Go Summit continues until Saturday, September 27th, and Thursday and Saturday will also be playing against Ke Kezu and AlphaGo. Also, in addition to this, AlphaGo and Chinese professional shogi players pair up with teams of AlphaGo and Chinese professional players in the same way, "Pair Go", teams of five players fight AlphaGo "Team Go" will also be held.

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The second game between China's strongest players · Kei Kuroda and AlphaGo was held, and AlphaGo won the winning streak. AlphaGo won in the first game after a close battle by half a gap, but in the second round Ku Ku took off and became a complete victory of Google AlphaGo in a way that shows the difference between human and AI power. "Although AlphaGo can win against Lee Se-dul, I can not beat it." Although he was speaking Ku Kuhi, after coming to the second game, "I felt AlphaGo was like God of go" commented I will.

The state of the second round between Kei Kuzue and AlphaGo can be seen from the following.

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In addition, Google has canceled its service offering in China since 2010, and this competition could potentially be a foothold for the future development of Google in China. However, China state television did not broadcast Ke 9 and Alpha Go games from the first round, and local broadcasting stations also covered "The Future of Go Summit" itself, but there are few mention of Google. The Chinese authorities also prohibit AlphaGo 's game from being relayed online, and it is impossible to watch the AlphaGo game from China. As AlphaGo wins, it shows that it may be difficult for Google to return to the Chinese market. The third round will be held on the 27th (Saturday).

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