We have eaten 'a fearless ginger grilled rice' with a hearty pork belly ginger grilled on a fried rice with the king of Osaka

' Sacred perfect ginger grilled fried rice ' with a deep- fried ginger grilled with sweet and spicy sauce and fried rice served as a second of the 50th anniversary limited menu of the founding of the king of Osaka It has appeared since July 9, 2019 (Tuesday). I have actually eaten to put on stamina that won't lose in the hot summer.

Charge in the hot season! Launched from the 9th (Tuesday) of the 50th anniversary of the 50th anniversary limited menu second 'Dearless Ginger Grilled Rice'! Spirit of Osaka specialty store Osaka king general

Arrive at the Osaka king.

The in-store panel appeals to the target, 'Fearless ginger grilled rice.'

There was a huge banner in the store.

About the seat, 'a fearless ginger grilled fried rice ' (tax-included 750 yen) arrives with miso soup in about 10 minutes after ordering. You can order 'a fearless ginger grilled fried rice' with 3/6 dumplings or a set with chilled Chinese food.

The size seen from above looks like this.

The volume is 1.5 times that of normal fried rice, and the volume is considerable.

First of all, I will try it from a plenty of ginger grilled. When I try to eat it, ginger grilled has a stronger soy sauce-based, slightly sweetened flavored sauce than ginger. The umami taste of fat spreads in the mouth as it bites ginger-grilled pork belly. By the time you finish eating one slice, your mouth will be filled with the umami of addictive meat, and you will soon want to eat the next one.

The fried rice is well soaked with the sauce, and the taste of the sauce with the flavor of the egg feels rattling. When it is eaten along with ginger grilled, along with the umami taste of meat fat, it does not stop eating although it is quite a bit crunchy. The ingredients of fried rice are large leeks, carrots, eggs, etc. Among them, leeks are batched as an accent for taste and texture.

Because it is a considerable amount including fried rice, it was a volume that would fill the stomach with a single item.

'Fearless ginger grilled fried rice' is available from October 10, 2019 (Saturday) to August 31, 2019 (Saturday), and is provided by the king of Osaka in Japan excluding some stores. .

In addition, the king of Osaka has participated in the special sponsorship of 'one king battle ', one of the title battles of Shogi, and the official name of the twenty-ninth 69th king general war is 'Osaka king general cup king general war'. Osaka Wang Shogun including the “Dearless Ginger Grilled Fried Rice” for lunch of the second qualifying round of the Osaka King Shogun Cup King Shogun “Sato Yasumitsu Kudan – Fujita Ryota Seven-dan Match” on July 18, 2019 5 new menu items will be offered as 'Shogi Messi'.

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