'Shin Evangelion Movie version AVANT 1 (opening 10 minutes 40 seconds 00 pieces) 0706 version' screening event report


Evangelion new theater version: Q ' 7 years from the public. ' Sin Evangelion Movie Edition ' , the final part of the four movie series, is approaching 2020, and the first movie will be released 'Shin Evangelion Movie Edition AVANT 1 (opening 10 minutes 40 seconds 00 pieces) 0706 edition Screening event was held.

The screening itself will take place within the 'Yoko TAKAHASHI x EVANGELION STAGE' at the 'Japan Expo' held in Paris, but will be distributed at special venues in five cities in Japan and will be distributed online via LINE LIVE. , Anyone can feel free to see.

Shin Evangelion: Theatrical Edition 0706 LIVE-LINE LIVE (line live) | Japan's largest live streaming service

In addition, fixed point camera image distribution of all venues was performed in the official app 'EVA-EXTRA' .

This is one of the domestic screening venues, 'Grand Front Osaka Umekita Plaza' in Osaka. Two screens were installed on the left and right of the square.

Until the event started, the retrospective of 'Evangelion: New Movie version: Introduction', 'Evangelion: New Movie version: Break', 'Evangelion: New Movie version: Q', various goods, CM images of collaboration, etc. were flowing.

At 20:15,

Yoko Takahashi is on the stage and 'Yoko TAKAHASHI x EVANGELION STAGE' starts.

Mr. Takahashi who sings 'The Cruel Angel's Thesis'.

Then go to 'FLY ME TO THE MOON'. The number of LINE LIVE viewers is over 100,000 in 15 minutes from the start of the event.

With a new song, I sang 'Le Rufran of the Soul'. CD release in 1997, 22 years ago.

As a special guest, Shinji Hina and Ms.

Emi Ogata are on the stage.

Ogata's Tweet right before the stage

From the mouth of Mr. Ogata, it was reiterated that 'Eva will reach the end' in the 2020 'Shin Evangelion Movie Edition'. He asked the director, 'Please make the next one before we die,' but it is lonely when it comes to the end. As for the final part, 'It is made very carefully so that it will be properly finished', and about half after-recording has also been completed.

Mr. Takahashi, who was told by Ogata-san about the director, commented that 'there is no such kind person.' In return I asked the question 'Is it really over?' And asked, 'This is like a scam that ends over', and this time I told you again when it was over.

Then, a video message was sent from the director Hideaki Ogino who was not able to participate in JAPAN EXPO unfortunately, and it was told that it will be finished properly again. Since the Paris branch talked about the Eiffel Tower, after the end of the message, Ogata rushed in to see if it was a spoiler.

The video starts with the movie 'Evangelion's new movie version so far', which is a summary of the beginning, break, and Q in about 3 minutes. On the day, many people raised their smartphones and cameras for shooting and recording OK. The following is also taken locally, so there are some parts that are difficult to hear.

Shin Evangelion Movie version AVANT 1 (opening 10 minutes 40 seconds 00 pieces) 0706 version @ Osaka-YouTube

Since the part of the beginning, breaking, and Q is not included in the 'opening 10 minutes 40 seconds 00 pieces', it was about 14 minutes when the screening time was totaled.

And the main part is the Eiffel Tower, which was directed by Sugano, 'Natabare' suddenly appeared.

Everyone in Ville seems to be safe.

However, the Nerv also remains, and the composition of Ville vs. Nerv follows the Q.

A battle scene of just saying that it was not a bullying trailer

Succeeded in system restoration of EuroNerfu.

'Whereever you are, always go pick it up. Wait, won't you, Wanko-kun,' said Mari

As mentioned above, applause awoke from the venue after the screening was over at the opening 10 minutes 40 seconds 00 frame that was completely packed.

This is the visual that was released last. As a catch copy, 'the sequel and the end. Non and the opposite.' Are used as well as the 2017 teaser visual.

State of Osaka venue after the event

I am really looking forward to when the further images will be seen.

・ Postscript
From July 19th, 2019, screenings at the 'Tokubo 2' theater will start. It was released on YouTube on July 20.

'Shin Evangelion theatrical version' Special edition second release, the figure of Shinji Asuka Rei Kawuru which is not in the opening 10 minutes-GIGAZINE

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