Headline News for July 1, 2019

The TV anime ' Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 ' will be the final round on Sunday, June 30, 2019, and it is announced that ' Attack on Titan The Final Season ' will be broadcast in the autumn of 2020 Yes. The original is still serialized in a separate Shonen Magazine, but will it end in line with the TV anime?

[Announcement] TV anime 'Attack on Titan' The Final Season NHK General will be broadcast in autumn 2020-YouTube

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

Mahjong Camera App that Automatically Calculates Scores by Shooting with an iPhone 'Majewel Camera' Review-GIGAZINE

A bug occurs in which photos taken with a Samsung smartphone are sent without permission-GIGAZINE

Why did the ancients fear scarlet beans as a symbol of death? -GIGAZINE

A move is underway to allow anyone to permanently acknowledge the right to 'repair' all equipment at the legal level-GIGAZINE

Soon 'eras of intestinal bacteria cure your disease' will come-GIGAZINE

Use of 360 degree movie to avoid YouTube's system for detecting illegal upload automatically-GIGAZINE

Is the 'ghost' in the psychic picture a real thing? -GIGAZINE

A local report that witnessed the very moment of inserting the leap second '8:59:60' at the Akashi Municipal Astronomical Science Museum-GIGAZINE

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Acceptance of trading with Huawei Expressed by Mr. Trump: The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Osaka Castle elevator 'big mistake' Prime Minister Abe's remarks ripples [G20 Osaka Summit]: Asahi Shimbun digital

Japan Accepts Defeated E-mail Reading Avoidance between Japan and the United States: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

“Like another” and his wife Chinese human rights lawyer and first meeting for the first time in four years: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'The summit will start from the tweet ...' Japan's Foreign Ministry | NHK News

5 minutes ago all right early without notice 147 times 'to get on the bus' City staff disposal: Asahi Shimbun digital

From now on completely non-smoking School Hospital Government etc. indoor | NHK News

In order to strengthen measures against passive smoking, indoors will be completely non-smoking in schools, hospitals and government buildings from one day.

Non-smoking indoors from 1 day are schools, hospitals, pharmacies, child welfare facilities, and government offices of central ministries and municipalities.

The worst security in Venezuela seen by reporters The moment you can take out a camera: Asahi Shimbun digital

WEB Feature 'Become my lover' Nippon reality Screams of foreign technology interns | NHK News

'The couple's surname is not an issue of economic growth,' Prime Minister Abe 'Niko' party debate-Mainichi Shimbun

Witch's undressed mother-daughter, slaughter killed Eastern India 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

'Don't disturb the child' 'Don't complain about anything' Arrested Where from the threat? -Lawyer dot com

'In the morning, don't disturb the children in the parking lot. Let them be quiet. If you can't, don't complain about anything.' A man in his 70s who arrested such a letter in a post at a kindergarten home was arrested on suspicion of intimidation.

Soaring Tokyo apartment soars 'Can't get out of hand' voices too | NHK News

Is this the diplomatic result of Abe administration six years? / Political world hell ear-political world hell ear-social column: daily sports

Report | The Japan Statistical Society

Tokyo Shimbun: [Thursses in tax] 90% director rewards over 700 million yen Pharmaceutical money to major 19 medical societies: Society (TOKYO Web)

Export restrictions to Korea such as smartphone screen materials Restraint in the construction problem?

Semiconductor materials for export control against Korea = countered in the issue of contract work, also free trade retrogression: Jiji dot com

The route price rises for four consecutive years Main cities, tourist spots lead-Sankei News

Impact of the US-North Korea talks and future developments (Kazuhiro Maejima)-Individual-Yahoo! News

Second floor secretary general 'It is natural to put budget if election is done'-Mainichi Shimbun

He said on the 4th of the House of Councilors election announced next month that 'the budget will be rested when it is not done with our policy.'

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Kyoto City: Regarding trademark registration of 'KIMONO'

About the fact that Kim Kardashian West, a star of reality show in the United States, announced that he applied for a trademark registration for 'KIMONO' for underwear products scheduled to be released from 'KIMONO Intimates', the company in Kyoto City. On the other hand, we will send you a letter asking for understanding, as shown in the attached sheet, so that you can understand 'kimono' and 'kimono culture' and reconsider the use of 'KIMONO' as a brand name.

Surprise! Living in 'accident property' of Zama City 9 consecutive murder | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The 41-year-old who escaped from withdrawal is 'the rent was cheap at 11,000 yen.'

A state that has made a non-productive cannibal | Cannibal Island Nicola Wert-Bohemian coastline-Impressions of foreign literature

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Men in the Kochi mountain back to exhaustion in Tokyo, high-precision inverse indicator to become a reputation: Full market two-story full-scale

[There is a follow-up report] The shop discovers that the Japanese-style confectionery shop Dorayaki is resold at a price of 7 times or more on Amazon → To order yourself to find the criminal-Togetter

It is possible to post the lyrics of JASRAC management songs on Hatena Blog-Hatena Blog Development Blog

In this decision, it will also overturn the policy so far, so I will explain the process that led to the decision.

On Hatena Blog, you may post articles that introduce your impressions to the lyrics of the song, express your feelings with the lyrics, or introduce some of the lyrics as a live report. Such articles are expressed in your own words and can be said to be blog posts that conform to the service policy.

However, Article 32 of the Copyright Act states that citations must be 'to be conducted within a valid range for the purpose of reporting, critique, research and other citations.' At least, such use is not equivalent to 'reporting, criticism, and research.' Although there are various theories regarding this interpretation, it is the use of gray zones that can not be said to be clearly legal.

In recent years, there have been an increase in the number of cases receiving deletion claims for this reason.

For Hatena Blog, articles that have been posted in their own words with heartfelt articles, such as responses to opinion queries, and articles that have been filed have been deleted It is a huge loss that the blog is closed.

Based on this current situation, as a result of re-examining, as a result of making a comprehensive contract with Hatena, the range of expression of Hatena blog will be expanded, and for many users and even those who are viewing, We came to the conclusion that we could deliver greater value.

In Hatena, we are reviewing the operation policy from time to time and maintaining the rules so that users can use the service with peace of mind. We hope you understand this policy.

[Reading Note] A lot of worms are generated near the house, so I thought 'other place is not good' and searched Twitter results-Togetter

People led to the goddess's milk-book sucking

Start of provision of BS / 110 degree CS left 4K ・ 8K broadcasting in TV service using optical line-Support for receiving all new 4K 8K satellite broadcasting channels without significant change of antenna and indoor equipment-| SKY Perfect JSAT | JSAT Group

I retire from Dwango Co., Ltd.

Since I worked as an engineer in Dwango from September 2009, I have been enrolled for nine years and ten months. It is long for this industry.

Resigned from Dwango Co., Ltd. · GitHub

After finding a job on March 15, 2011, 8 years and 3 and a half months ... 99 months ... a month and a total of 3033 days ... and 23 seconds while calculating It has passed, but I retired from Dwango Co., Ltd. I work with cookpad from July.

Retires Dwango Co., Ltd.-kmizu's diary

As of June 30, 2019, I will retire from Dwango Co., Ltd., where I worked for five years and three months. The last day I went to work was June 26.

Retires Dwango Co., Ltd. – Tsukasa OMOTO – Medium

Dwango Co., Ltd., who joined a new graduate in 2015 and worked for four years and three months, retired on June 30, 2019. Certainly I was a member of Dwango, but I feel that I have graduated from an organization called Dwango Media Villeage, which I have always been there.

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
TV Animation 'High School Girl's Waste' Episode 1-YouTube

'I can't choose a way to become a librarian for a book lover.' Bansen CM-YouTube

TV anime 'Grand Verm' character PV [Fragment of Emotion-Rosa-] | Start broadcasting on July 5, 2019-YouTube

TV anime 'Takakai-san, Takagi-san 2' Bansen CM Start broadcasting from July 7-YouTube

TV anime 'Granverum' character PV [Fragment of Emotion-nine sounds-] | Start broadcasting on July 5, 2019-YouTube

TV anime 'Grand Verm' character PV [Fragment of Emotion-Nene-] | July 5, 2019 broadcast start-YouTube

[The world's strongest in common occupation] just before broadcast [ARIFURETA Launch Trailer]-YouTube

'Nekopara' TV animation decision decided! Special broadcast video-YouTube

TV Anime 'The Casebook of Lord Elmeroy II-Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note-' | Episode 1 'Babylon and the Memory of the Dead and King' Trailer-YouTube

TV anime 'Away from Astra' next notice # 01 'PLANET CAMP'-YouTube

TV animation 'We can not study' second announcement PV-YouTube

'Girls und Pantzer final chapter' Episode 2 being shown on video Tomonami single school ver. (60 seconds)-YouTube

Notice of Changes to Character Visuals in Some Portal Sites | Uma Musume Pretty Derby Official Portal Site | Cygames

In developing the game, I brushed up some character designs.
Along with that, we have changed some visuals of this portal site.

The illustrations of 'Umamusume' 19 Umamusume Uniform Ver have been partially corrected! Introduce before-after! (Additional 4 also found w) |

TV anime 'Bangari! Kemo Michi' PV first installment-YouTube

Kiznaai announces fourth installed Chinese, 'Even if you look at various opinions, I want to try new challenges'-PANORA

Pokemon's soft remodeling sales 'I can not stop because I can earn': Domestic: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Nintendo General Meeting of Shareholders 2019 | N-Styles

Akio Otsuka chooses himself! Special broadcast of 'Black Jack' best episode 5 elections at CS family theater (July 14 17:30-19:55)! Mr. Akio Otsuka's interview has arrived! | Family Theater Press Release

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
What J PRIDE: Matsumoto Hitoshi 'I'm fine in Miyasako. It was not good to have been half-baked at the time of affair'

What a J PRIDE: 【Sad news】 Miyasako, to the procession drop-off substitute is Chihara Jr. Affair uproar to the dark sales ... TV return hopeless

The fear of an anti-social force that consumes and consumes bones in the slim club and the dark sales of slump clubs (Tsune Maeda)-Individual-Yahoo! News

The song 'Paprika' produced by Gen Yonezu can only be heard by young children, isn't it a high frequency that raises their tension? I feel so positive from children-Togetter

The possibility of paying huge penalties without exchanging a contract with 'Yoshimoto Kogyo' entertainer is also a black business problem-lawyer dot com

Hospitalization office announced last month with Johnny Kitagawa san subarachnoid hemorrhage | NHK News

NGT 48 operating company member face face safety system introduction examination for safety measures | NHK News

[China-Japan vs. Hanshin 11th match] 2 out 2 in the second place beating Toriya! : What a great stadium @ what J summary

Hanshin Yano 'I'm going to choose to be able to get the best points in my current situation': Nanji Great Stadium @ What J Summary

Trade announcement of Masayoshi Matsui & Sakai of Orikas Matsuda & Takeda of Chunichi Moya also to Oryx with money: Nanji Eki Stadium @ what J summary

DENKI GROOVE | The end of management contract with Ishino table tennis

As of June 30, 2019, Sony Music Artists Co., Ltd. terminated a management contract with his musician, Ishino Table Tennis.

Gundam × EneKey collaboration CM 'pay it' 篇 (15 seconds)-YouTube

Gundam x EneKey collaboration CM 'My principle' 篇 (15 seconds)-YouTube

Gundam × EneKey collaboration CM 'Taga' 篇 (15 seconds)-YouTube

Gundam × EneKey collaboration CM 'I can pay' 篇 (15 seconds)-YouTube

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'Cup Noodle Tom Yum Seafood Taste Big' (released on July 15) | Nissin Foods Group

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