Headline News for June 20, 2019

From Snow Mark Meg Milk, ' Brown Snow Mark Coffee MEETS HONEY ', which is based on 'Adult Snow Mark Coffee Bitter', which was released for a limited time in the fall of 2015, and added honey, is on July 2nd, 2019 (Tuesday) It will be released. Coffee is blended twice as much as 'Snow Mark Coffee'. Price is 139 yen excluding tax.

'Snow mark coffee' 'brown snow mark coffee MEETS HONEY' 500 ml that can enjoy honey smell and slight coffee 500 ml for a limited time from July 2, 2019 (Tuesday)
(PDF file) http://www.meg-snow.com/news/2019/pdf/20190620-1568.pdf

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

I tried using 'Wolfram Alpha' that solves difficult mathematical expressions etc. in one shot-GIGAZINE

Bees Reveal That They Stress Their Work Like Humans-GIGAZINE

'Space' developers get higher pay than 'Tab'-GIGAZINE

Why Bill Gates donates 'chicken' to eradicate poverty? -GIGAZINE

Roland's rhythm machine 'TR-808' is a masterpiece of charm and the era of hidden discomfort-GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Bacteria in the plastic bottle found in the bottle, save the world? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
'The consumption tax hike is scheduled as planned in October.'

Russian bombers attack Japanese airspace over the Pacific | NHK News

On the morning of 20th, a Russian bomber attacked Japan's airspace twice over the Pacific Ocean. It is since September 2015, four years ago, that Russian aircraft and military aircraft considered to be Russian aircraft invaded Japanese airspace.

Adidas 3-line 'lack of uniqueness and ineffective trademark right' EU court | NHK News

The court of the EU = European Union has announced on January 19 that it has lost its trademark right on the three parallel lines used by its major German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas in its products.

Adudas '3 Line' trademark rights restriction Judgment by EU Court (Photo = Reuters): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The General Court (Luxembourg), a high court in the European Union (EU), has decided to limit the trademark right of the 'three-line' used by adidas in Germany for shoes and clothing. The court concluded that Adidas could not prove the uniqueness of 'three parallel lines of the same width for any orientation' across the EU to be identified as the company's product.

'I can only do work' 'I am 78 years old ...' The fact of pension life is | NHK News

Households living on public pensions alone account for more than half, accounting for 52% of the total.

Population in Kochi Prefecture Estimated to be less than 700,000 First postwar population not to stop declining | NHK News

Appeal for the cancellation of comfort women movies = 'No appearances allowed'-Tokyo District Court: Jiji Dot com

A man remains on the roof of a police station Chiba Prefectural Police Station-Sankei News

Wada Masamune Senate's 'Public Affairs Election Law Violation Suspicion' Speech |

Recruitment issue, Korea agrees on conditional agreement Japan refuses: Asahi Shimbun digital

The Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on January 19 that a defendant company funds with a Korean company over the ruling that the Korean Grand Court (Supreme Court) ordered the Japanese companies to make reparations for former contract workers, It has announced its position to respond to the diplomatic talks that the Japanese government requires, if it pays a considerable amount. It is said that these ideas were recently communicated to the Japanese government.

Annuity deleted from proposal 'Benefit level decrease' 'Self-help effort encouragement' fiscal trial | NHK News

17,000 unidentified people with dementia 18 years, highest number for 6 consecutive years: The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Prime Minister Abe 's' big fool' in the 20 million yen report Another thing that the ruling party wants to hide until the upper house election, another thing |

A man ran away on this route Why the police could not stop it | NHK News

Osaka ・ Suita's handgun robbery father Iimori's father retires Kansai TV executive-Mainichi Shimbun

A US Navy looks at a tanker attack similar to a Iranian-made mine 16 photos International News: AFPBB News

Kansai student management branch executives arrested seven on suspicion of forced attempt to manufacture computer manufacturer-Sankei News

Even if there is a deficit of ¥ 9.2 billion, the executive remuneration is fixed to the public-private fund review.

Seki Tele's president apologizes at 'Hate Broadcasting' and verifies it with its own program and explains to viewers-Mainichi Shimbun

Angle: Taiwan's anti-Chinese 'light of hope' soars from Hong Kong-Reuters

Land Aegis, elevation difference in Yamaguchi 'Not wrong': Asahi Shimbun digital

NHK and Tamura Minoru Chairperson's re-airing cancellation stop Banquet participation issue: Asahi Shimbun digital

Parental punishment ban from next April | Joint communication

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
'For those who want to give birth to a half child' Ginza Ikushino poster (Masashi Shimizu) on the topic-Togetter

Ginza Ikushi Poster Selected for Tokyo Copywriters Club Newcomer Award: Ginza Ikushi Blog

In the hospital without a cat's pee not go out → The hospital is confusing and has tears eyes 'I'm too cute' 'I was good to notice'-Togetter

'Even our existence is not known in the world'-overlooked 'disaster disabled'-Yahoo! News

As a person who remembers sexual excitement in the predator scene of animals

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Rakuten, drone delivery start in July Japan's first paid service, complement the labor shortage-SankeiBiz (Sankeibiz): Economic information site to hone yourself

Rakuten announced on the 17th that it will start a service to carry food with a small unmanned drone drone in July on the uninhabited island 'Sarujima' in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is assumed to be used by people staying on the island during holidays, etc., and it is the first in Japan as a paid delivery that delivers products directly to actual users by drones. Rakuten wants to implement it in other areas as well, such as depopulated areas, and aims to supplement logistics networks with serious labor shortages with new delivery technologies.

Why did the simultaneous hijack strikes happen? Lawyers talk about the impact of acquittal-Attorney.com

[Important] Information on living information site nanapi Update suspension notice | nanapi [Nanapi]

This time, nanapi will stop updating on June 30, 2019 (Sunday).

Ultra-popular Youtuber Injury Arrests Intoxicating Former Idol Women In The Cohabitation And Stepping On The Face |

Disassemble the sound recorded with one microphone into multitracks with AI. ZYLIA Revolutionizes the World of Recording with Patent Technology | | Fujimoto Ken's 'DTM Station'

I was asked 'What kind of SNS do you do with SNS?' At a career interview in the nursing care and welfare industry, and if you answered 'Twitter a bit', the story that 'I was missing this time ...'-Togetter

I am not interested in VR or games, and I will explain specifically what is great about Oculus Quest who is so addicted to life.

Remove Unwanted CSS in Puppeteer-Speaker Deck

'5G' smartphone Slowly spread or about 30% after 4 years Private predictions | NHK News

LINE: Start trading virtual currency domestically, next month-Related People-Bloomberg

'Secret of communication is important' 'Not at the network but at the' end 'limit'. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications access determination meeting where Trend Micro also appeared – Sumahon !!

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
TV anime 'other world cheat magician' PV 2nd-YouTube

How did the word 'painter gacha' spread? -Togetter

Animation 'Violet Ever Garden' Production Scene 4 'Art'-YouTube

ASTRAL CHAIN (Astral Chain) Action introduction video-YouTube

Soul Dora Rogue Corps (CONTRA ROGUE CORPS) announce trailer-YouTube

Inoue Shinichiro-New Representative Director 'I would like to support the growth of Japanese animation companies'-Kadokawa 2019 General Meeting of Shareholders-Summary

Episode 97 Withdrawal Symptoms | Fate / Grand Order

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
Olympic ticket overt announcement! Even if the hit amount is over 1 million yen-Togetter

Do not use the heat measures of Tokyo Olympics 'water cycle and vicious cycle' in water and tea-General sports, tennis, basket, rugby, American foot, martial arts, Athletics: Asahi Shimbun digital

A boxing representative said, “Volunteers who work outside for a long time lose salt due to sweat. If you drink water there, the salt concentration in the blood will be even thinner and sweat will appear again and the salt will be lost again. There is also a diuretic effect, which is even more pronounced, and it is not enough to lick it alone.

KinKi Kids Komoto Domoto confessed that he had been playing 'FF11' for 7 years Go 'Critical ... horrible ...' | Real Sound | Real Sound Tech

Former gymnastics Olympics player, Atsushi Okazaki's current situation after drug arrest and suggestions for those who report (Hiroyuki Shibata)-Individual-Yahoo! News

Former gymnastics Okazaki Atsuko suspect, stimulant arrest ... 14th time-Society: Daily Sports

Carpdora 1 Koen is the first professional for the first time in the first game! Tanaka Hirotsugu started benching, stopped with 635 games with consecutive training runs: Hibiki @ Hiroshima Toyo Carp Summary Blog

797: There is no name @ Open 19/06/20 (Thu) 17:26:52 ID: KmH.44.6o
Full inning record
1st place 1492 Kanemoto Hanshin
2nd place Miyake 700 game Hanshin
3rd place: 678 matches Hiroshima
4th place Toriya 667 match Hanshin
5th place Tanaka 635 game Hiroshima

[After all] It was Rakuten Ikuhisa Iku GM who had put Makita in Yoshimoto or directed MLB transfer: Nanji great stadium @ what J summary

60: If there is no wind, there is no name 2019/06/20 (Thu) 11:45: 23.06 ID: z1aRLHJD0
Seibu's players have lost their roots

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
Refreshing heat is blown away! 'Mach shake yogurt taste' appearance! Refreshing with Mac Shake! Limited time sale from ~ June 26 (Wednesday)

Akagi Dairy Kogyo comes with a serious gutan, a mandarin orange!? | Akajo Dairy Co., Ltd.

(PDF file) -Delicious salt supply in summer-Released from 'Halo Halo Salty Reich' 6/21 (Fri)

(PDF file) ~ Smoother, extravagant bite- pudding of about twice the amount of raw milk mix 'Summer Purinnafe'

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