A former employee confessed that an employee was killed in a poor working environment at a subcontractor of Facebook

By Alex Haney

' Moderator ' is a job that removes inappropriate content on the Internet such as pornography, violence, hate speech and so on. A former employee of a company that is subcontracted by Facebook's moderators confessed that one was killed because of the poor working environment.

Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions-The Verge

There are a large number of posts on Facebook every day, and illegal and inappropriate content is also huge. Facebook employs around 15,000 moderators worldwide as subcontractors to monitor such inappropriate content. The problem was highlighted this time by one of the subcontractors Cognizant. Cognizant has been pointed out for its poor working environment.

Journalist Casey Newton, who has been interviewing Cognizant's internal affairs in February 2019, describes in detail the low wages and poor working environment, and the fact that employees are traumatized by work. You are

Sex, cannabis and discrimination jokes spread between Facebook moderators who monitor and delete murders and violence videos-GIGAZINE

After the announcement, Mr. Newton received a lot of feedback from employees working at a Facebook subcontract company. However, according to Newton's research, the working environment of Cognizant has not improved for a while. In Phoenix, Arizona office of Cognizant bedbugs or occurred, in Tampa, Florida office, things that it is repeatedly happened that only one just no toilet is soiled with, such as feces and menstrual blood. A former Cognizant employee has reported to Mr. Newton that the poor work environment has also resulted in deaths.

Having climbed up to the Lieutenant in the Coast Guard, Keith Atley chose to resign from the army and work at Cognizant. According to a colleague, Mr. Atri is stressed that Facebook's 14-page confidentiality agreement is stressed and he was always worried about being fired. Mr. Atry finally falls on March 9, 2018. My coworkers were immediately aware and tried cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but the Cognizant building did not have an AED. Attri who was taken to the hospital died of a heart attack. He was 42 years old and his wife and two daughters were left.

According to Katherine Hopkinson, a former cognizant employee, cognizant personnel who complained of complaints or improved work were either ignored or, in the worst case, 'retaliated' Of. 'We have a really bad environment,' said Hopkinson.

Mr. Newton interviewed three ex-employees who agreed to talk about Cognizant in public in exchange for a confidentiality agreement.

Below you can see the interview Mr. Newton actually went to.

Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator-YouTube

Shaun Spiger, when he decided to work as a Facebook moderator, was initially proud to be able to work for a large global company.

In response to Mr. Newton's question: 'What did you find really painful in what you saw?'

Mr. Speagle starts crying.

'I can not forget the animals being abused, even after leaving Cognizant'

'One of them is an iguana. Two young men grab the tail of the iguana and smash it over and over again. The iguana continues to scream ... it becomes bloody over time. It's a video. '

Melinda Johnson and Michel Benetti have also worked as Facebook moderators, confessing that the movie of animal and toddler abuse was just as challenging as Spiegle.

'It was a movie in which a mother in Saudi Arabia or somewhere dropped her twins on the floor and then squeezed'

'I saw a movie where the babysitter hangs on the baby's head. I see something die every day everyday, but I can do nothing but delete the movie.'

As Spegel started working as a moderator on Facebook, he said, 'I always started eating snacks and other bad snacks,' 'I have a nightmare every night, and I have one or two hours. I could not sleep for a while, and I always got annoyed. '

Also, Facebook seems to measure the moderator's ability with the 'accuracy' metric that quantifies whether the deleted content was correctly based on Facebook's policy. Facebook requires moderators to achieve this accuracy up to 98%, but according to Spiegle, 'Facebook's policy is changing every day, and no one has ever achieved an accuracy of 98%. Was about 80%. '

Johnson and Benetti said that they had to focus on increasing accuracy each day, which was a pressure.

When Mr. Newton returned to Cognizant's Tampa office in early June 2019, most of the rooms were cleaned, and miniature goals were being carried out outside the building with baskets, etc. But the day after the visit, Mr. Newton says, there was a notice from an employee that 'everything I showed was fake and it was like a play.'

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