I tried eating 'Nisshin Yakisoba UFO Shinto Maximum Back Fat x Garlic x Cheese', where a sense of immorality with garlic and back fat x cheese is grave

The new taste of Nissin Yakisoba UFO , the best-selling cup of Yakisoba brand 'Nisshin Yakisoba UFO,' has appeared since June 24, 2019. The concept of an appetite-stimulating mixed soba with a concept of 'permanent divine menu with overkill!' Is a garlic fragrant soy sauce, 'after-soiled back fat' and 'after-soiled cheese' Because 'Happy W Double Topping' produces a taste of immorality, I tried to actually eat it and check it.

Nissin Yakisoba UFO Shinmi Maximum Back Fat x Garlic x Cheese (June 24 released) | Nisshin Foods Group


I want to cook an article dedicated to the enthusiastic chubby fan! New Nissin Yakisoba UFO Maximum Back Fat x Garlic x Cheese Released on Monday, June 24-20190610-01.pdf
(PDF file) https://cdn.nissin.com/gr-documents/attachments/news_posts/7871/61d452e19d01d038/original/20190610-01.pdf

This is 'Nisshin Yakisoba UFO Shinmi Maximum Back Fat x Garlic x Cheese'.

In the package, phrases such as 'Surve your appetite for all the noodles' and 'Believe in your own appetite' were printed on the Internet writing style.

Looking at the column of raw materials, 'pork fat' was described at the top of the material of the sauce. In addition, materials that are likely to be catter are used such as 'pork extract' and 'powdered cheese'.

Calories are 802kcal per 171g of a meal.

When I took out the film and opened the lid, it contained sachets of 'Rice soy sauce drips', 'Abottled back fat' and 'Abottled cheese'.

Immediately pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes, place a bag of soy sauce drip and back fat on the lid and warm.

Discard the hot water when the timer sounds.

Next, if I put soy sauce sauce on my head ...

Stir well. As I mixed it, the smell of fresh grated raw garlic came to my mind, stimulating my appetite.

When I applied back fat back, I could see the lump of back fat that remained even after being heated in hot water for 5 minutes.

Finally, it is complete when you apply the powdered cheese.

When I picked up a thick straight noodle with fat and oil and took a bite, after the thick body and aroma of a thick back fat spread in my mouth, the strong garlic smell controlled the gut and nostrils. The tongue and teeth are overwhelmed by the oil film covering the tongue and teeth at first, but the taste of garlic soy sauce and the taste of cheese dissolved in fat stimulate the appetite at an accelerated pace, so it is extremely thick without getting tired of the last bite I was able to make noodles.

The Nissin Yakisoba UFO Shinmi-Maximum Back Fat x Garlic x Cheese has been sold at retail stores nationwide from June 24, 2019, and the price is ¥ 245.

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