I tried eating a Singaporean style 'ginger chicken burger' of crisp chicken with ginger bang with domdom burger

From Domdom Hamburger, ' Ginger Chicken Burger ' has appeared for a limited time from June 22, 2019. The new burger that reproduces the Singapore special dish 'Ginger Chicken', which is steamed chicken thigh meat wrapped with lettuce and cucumber with lettuce, and cucumber, is a thing that is full of volume while the ginger rich sauce is refreshing and refreshing , Actually went to Domdom hamburger and ate.

June 22 Singapore-style 'Ginger Chicken Burger' sales start ★

Arrive at Domdom Hamburger.

At the store, there was a signboard to show off the appearance of Ginger Chicken Burger. I'm going to go to the store and order.

About 5 minutes after ordering, ginger chicken burger (tax-included 420 yen) arrives.

It looks like this compared to the size of the traffic IC card.

The ingredients are sliced cucumber, ginger chicken, onion and lettuce.

When ginger daikon covered ginger ginger with plenty of ginger daikon, ginger juice spreads in the mouth. The sweet and spicy sauce has a sauce and an extract of fish sauce that works well, but it has a strong ginger-flavored freshness that has a strong presence, so you can eat it without appetite. It is finished to taste. The texture of crispy lettuce and polypoli cucumber was a good accent, and I was able to enjoy the crisp texture of chicken without getting tired of the last bite.

Ginger chicken burger has been handled at Domdom hamburgers nationwide since June 22, 2019 and the price is 420 yen including tax.

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