A summary of how to use 'Fleuron', a free searchable database of 18th century decorative symbols 'Furuon'

Fururon and is, print arrange the appearance of the printed material to properly arrange the typography is a kind of symbol to be used in, have a role, such as punctuation marks and decorations in the book. The web service which made Fluron used for the 18th century books a database and made it searchable is ' Fleuron '.

Fleuron: A Database of Eighteenth-Century Printers' Ornaments

Fleuron: About

There are many types of fluron in letterpress printing, such as those made by hand engraving wood and metal blocks, and those made by casting, and the print shop decorates the book using the fluron when arranging letters. It was Even with letterpress printing, it is possible to create an atmosphere closer to medieval manuscripts by providing various decorations.

There are many flowers with motifs in fluron ...



What an angel was drawn


Paul K

There are things such as books that have become a motif.

The Web service 'Fleuron' created around the team at Cambridge University has developed a program to recognize and extract flurons from images, and has been provided by 32 million digital information service companies in terms of printed matter from Cengage Learning I created a database using page images.

Once created, Fleuron is free for anyone to search for books based on the book title, author, published period, published place, etc. and find out which fluron was used.

Click 'Book Search' at the top of the official site ......

It is possible to search books by 'title of book', 'author', 'city published', 'publisher', 'ESTC ID', etc. ESTC (

English Short Title Catalog ) is a collection of bibliographic information of books published in the United Kingdom and its countries from 1473 to 1800, and books printed for the English or British market in countries other than the United Kingdom and the United States. Catalogs, and you can specify books with a short code such as ' T181256 '.

In addition, the year of publication can be specified between 1700 and 1799, and the books can be specified as 'History and Geography (history and geography)', 'Social Sciences (social sciences)', 'General Reference (general literature)' Designated by field such as Law (law), Fine Arts (art), Religion and Philosophy (Religion and philosophy), Literature and Language (literature and language), Medicine, Science and Technology (medicine, science, technology) It is also possible.

For example, if you enter the name of

Daniel Defour as the author of ' Robinson Crusoe ', select 'Author' and then click 'Search' ...

An appropriate book was displayed. Click on the book titled 'The life and surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe' to try it out.

Then, the fluron appearing in the book and the appearing page were displayed. The fluron that appeared in the selected book was a plant motif.

If you continue to search in different ways, you will sometimes find books with a huge number of flurons used.

You can see that there are many variations of Fluron such as those with animal motifs and those with the letter 'A'.

When I click on the fluron I'm worried about ...

It is possible to investigate about details.

Also, if you click 'Ornament Search' from the top page ...

You can search using the size of the fluron.

In general, a fluron having a size that crosses one page horizontally has a width of 1000 and a height of 100. Enter a numerical value that gives you ample vertical height, and click 'Search'.

Then, the fluron of the size close to a square hit a lot.

Alphabets and ......

You can see that there are various flurons, such as those with a human motif.

Also, if you adjust the width to 60 to 140 and the height to 800 to 1200 and search for a relatively long fluron ...

A long fluron was displayed sideways.

At Fleuron, you can search for flurons used in various books published in the 18th century, and use them for learning and enjoyment. I was amazed at the fact that such an elaborate design was inscribed and used in print, and I realized that the old people were focusing on the decoration of the book.

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