Adobe develops AI which reproduces the technique by learning 'touch of paint brush' of Gogh and Fermeer

AI has strengths in recognition and generation of images such as photographs, and has achieved remarkable development in the art field, such

as ' A portrait of AI work will be awarded for 50 million yen .' Under these circumstances, Adobe has developed an AI that reproduces the techniques found in da Vinci, Van Gogh and Vermeer's masterpieces by learning the 'touch of paint' in painting.

LPaintB: Learning to Paint from Self-Supervision
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Adobe AI learns painting styles to reproduce artwork in under a minute | VentureBeat

Adobe's AI is Capable of Learning Painting Styles and Reproducing Arts in Under a Minute

This is a master's painting reproduced using the painting AI 'LPaintB' developed by Adobe. The upper part is an actual painting, and the lower part is an AI reproduction. Paintings from the left are Da Vinci's ' Mona Lisa ', Van Gogh's ' Sunflower ', and Femer's ' Pearl-eared girl '.

It looks as if you just applied a mosaic, but the point is not that you have just composited the image, but that it was composited through the process of reproducing the painting that you actually painted with a hand-painted brush. The research team used a method called 'Self-Supervised Learning' to develop LPaintB. This is a kind of unsupervised learning, which is a machine learning method in which AI automatically creates training data from sample data.

Trained in this way, LPaint B models the type and size of the brush, the length and strength of one stroke, etc., into a numerical value, referring to the actual painting. After that, move the brush one stroke at a time to complete the painting. In the real world, using a PC that incorporates a 16-core CPU and a video card with Nvidia GTX 1080 , it is possible to finish a drawing of 1000 pixels by 800 pixels by 1 minute using 20,000 strokes. And.

In addition to reproducing paintings, LPaintB can also be used as a touch for pictures.

The research team can be operated in an environment where paint software is actually used rather than a laboratory using a supercomputer, as the merit of LPaint B is that human manual learning is almost completely unnecessary. I am giving a point. In fact, on June 17, 2019, Adobe has released the drawing and painting app ' Adobe Fresco ' that works on devices such as iPad .

A drawing tool 'Adobe Fresco' is released that achieves the same 'painting' and 'color mixing' as oil painting and watercolor painting on iPad-GIGAZINE

If LPaintB is introduced to Adobe Sensei , an AI feature widely used in Adobe products, it may be the time to draw illustrations using the art of painting masters such as Da Vinci and Gogh.

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