'Anime2 Sketch' that converts illustrations into line drawings is now available

Illustrations and animation scenes are carefully colored, but the application ' Anime2Sketch ' that can convert this to a line drawing before painting is released for free on


GitHub --Mukosame / Anime2Sketch: A sketch extractor for anime / illustration.

'Anime2 Sketch', which can generate line drawings from illustrations, is an application that runs on Linux or macOS. It is built with the programming language Python and can be operated with a combination of CPU or NVIDIA GPU + NVIDIA cuDNN.

What kind of line drawing can actually be output is as follows. The left is the input image (illustration), and the right is the output image (line drawing).

Extracting only the line drawing part from the hand-drawn illustrations ...

Converting the original animation to a line drawing ...

It seems that you can also convert hand-drawn rough drawings to line drawings. The mechanical pencil is reflected in the input image, and the outline of the mechanical pencil is included as a line drawing in the output image.

Furthermore, it is also possible to make one scene of animation into a line drawing. The following is a line drawing of the opening scene of the anime 'Vinland Saga '. Click the thumbnail to play the GIF image.

'Anime2 Sketch' is an application developed by Mr. Xiaoyu Xiang , an engineer who obtained a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University in 2015. It is based on a paper on 'Hostile Open Domain Adaptation for Converting Freehand Sketches into Realistic Photographs' published in April 2021 and is distributed under the MIT license.

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