Tokyo will hold 'Tokyo e Sports Festa' in 2020, and 'No prize' and conditions for competition games will be released

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Tokyo announced that it will hold the ' Tokyo e Sports Festa ' on January 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun) of 2020, the same year the Olympics will be held. About this meeting held for the purpose of promoting awareness of e sports and revitalization of e sports related industry in Tokyo, planning recruitment guidelines and specifications etc are released.

[Nationwide] Recruitment of trust company pertaining to 'Tokyo e sports Festa' plan administration duties

Tokyo e sports Festa plan operation management business consignment plan proposal offer point
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Tokyo e-Sports Festa Planning and Management Business consignment specification
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Tokyo e-Sports Festa is to hold an exhibition of products and technologies of Tokyo SMEs with e-sport peripherals and related technologies along with the e-Sports competition. The implementation date is January 11, 2020, and the location is South Exhibition Hall 1 floor South Hall 1 at Tokyo Big Sight . The Tokyo e-Sports Festa Executive Committee is comprised of the Japan e-Sports Alliance (JeSU), the Computer Entertainment Association (CESA), the Japan Online Games Association (JOGA), and Tokyo.

The requirements for implementation of the e-Sports event are: 'conduct in multiple categories' 'do not collect the entry fee and admission fee from the athletes and the visitors such as watching the game' ' do not pay the prize to the winners etc. There is no hindrance to offering goods as a secondary prize , and the prize will not be paid at the tournament.

In addition, restrictions have been established for game titles that will be competition events, and 'it must be a title by a domestic IP holder ' 'it has a track record of use in competitions held at home and abroad' 'it is expected to attract customers' 'At least one type of game can be played by young and old alike without distinction' 'In the case of home game software, the rating display of the (special) computer entertainment rating mechanism (CERO) is' A ', in the case of a smartphone application There are restrictions such as “3+” or “4+” . As a result, it is likely that it will be difficult to select FPS, in which international titles are the mainstay, and games with a lot of violent expressions.


In addition to the “opening event appropriate for the first event” and “ending event including the award of top competitors,” an e-sports related industry exhibition will also be held. Furthermore, a game experience corner will be set up so that everyone other than the tournament participants can enjoy it. The game title used in the experience corner is less restrictive than the title played in the tournament, and in the case of home game software, the rating display of the (special) computer entertainment rating mechanism (CERO) is “A” or “B ', In the case of the smartphone application is' 3 + '' 4 + '' 7 + '' 9 + '' 12 + 'is considered to be' '.

Tokyo e-Sports Festa is included in the specifications that live distribution of the competition will be carried out, and 'select media that can be effectively transmitted to the target of the event and appropriately distribute the implementation status' It was fixed. In addition, it is mandatory to set up a day care center, a nursing room, a relief room, etc., and it seems that a goal that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people.

It is written in plan proposal offer essential point that one company which made excellent plan proposal on the basis of contents of specifications is selected as a trustee and consignment management of Tokyo e sports Festa. The contract term is 47.34 million yen including tax due from the contract finalization date to March 19, 2020. Applicants need to participate in the specification briefing session held on June 21st, and when actually applying for a project, make a plan proposal based on the contents of the briefing session, etc. July 12, 2019 ( It must be submitted by Friday). The application deadline for participation in the briefing session accepted by e-mail is noon on June 20, 2019 (Thursday).

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