Twitch sues user who has posted a game, a fake, a copyrighted work, a pornographic video, etc.



Live streaming delivery platform Twitch sues users of mass-produced videos, videos, content and content such as pornography, gros, and copyrighted works in federal district court in northern California on June 14, 2019.


Twitch is suing the trolls who flooded Artifact streams with porn and gore-Polygon

According to the news site Polygon, mass posting of illegal content became a problem in May 2019. A user who noticed that only a few hundred viewers of the ' Artifact ' card game using Dota2 's world view provided by Valve Corporation , a famous PC game sales platform, is owned by Steam Corporation But began to distribute works such as copyrighted works, gros, porn videos etc in the category of artifact. Some of the content delivered included shootings at New Zealand mosques , self-harm and hardcore pornography.

Twitch deleted the account that made these posts, but the user in question is posting an illegal content in an automated program, and the delivery is resumed immediately with a new account, etc. It seems to have become. Twitch took measures such as disabling delivery of the newly created account for two days and imposing a two-step certification on a specific account, but finally this lawsuit has been taken.

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On June 14, 2019, Twitch appealed to the US District Court in Northern California for trademark infringement, breach of contract, and illegal use of the Twitch platform, etc. “JOHN AND JANE DOES 1–100 (No. 1 to 100) Sued. The defendant seems to be such a notation because it is not possible to determine how many users were involved in this illegal posting. Twitch has asked Twitch to pay compensation and damages if the identity of the user who made the illegal posting is known.

Twitch responds to Polygon interviews, 'We are taking measures to prevent these problems from happening in the future, and we will take every action to protect Twitch's community.'

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